Artists Notes: All Hallows

Artists Notes: All Hallows

All Hallows is a complexly beautiful blend inspired by the rituals that honor the dead in various faiths from October 31 through the first week of November. It’s both dark and soothing, much like the atmosphere during this time of year. There are libations, flower offerings, burning incense, a bit of fruit, and the four elements flowing through this enchanting fragrance.

Highlights include a deep earthy bouquet of frankincense, myrrh, and galangal root. Accented by top notes of basil, nerolina, and soft bursts of citrus from yuzu, this haunting blend reveals ylang ylang, petitgrain, and autumn leaves as it unfolds. This blend doesn’t smell like my Bernadette perfume, but it has a similar mood and spirit and reminds me of it because of this.

When first applied, it’s a melange of resins with the frankincense standing out most prominently from the other notes. As it dries down, the top notes of yuzu and basil come through before settling back into the earth, woods, and incense as a phantom of autumn leaves scatter through. This blend is very meditative and easy to get lost in; because of this, I find it incredibly calming. I have been keeping a bottle of it by my bedside and it helps me to unwind into a sacred space.

This one really reminds me of why I love working with pure botanicals so much and why I am so looking forward to expanding my natural line. There is an energy, life force, and vitality in natural perfumery that is truly transcendent and the act of crafting feels more like listening —listening to what each essence has to say about where it wants to be. You can also layer a bit of my Beloved Ghost botanical perfume on top of this and the dance between the two is beautiful.

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