Artist's Notes: Lacrimosa

Lacrimosa is a deep, haunting, melancholy botanical blend inspired by Mozart's Requiem In D Minor. Lacrimosa is the Latin word for "weeping/tearful" and also derives from Our Lady of Sorrows, an aspect of The Virgin Mary. It is part of the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass and sits at the heart of my first musically inspired botanical perfume.

This one opens with the deep blue note of blue tansy, which lingers throughout as the haunting refrain of the blend. As the drydown begins, my blood accord darkens the herbal with a touch of earthy metallic. While this blend lingers on the skin, blackened rose ties each note together and darkens the atmosphere while revealing a wistful top note of sweet orange.

This blend is melancholy, beautiful, and church-y. As it dries down and the florals settle, it takes on the aroma of an old cathedral. The blue tansy also gives this blend a beautiful natural deep blue color. Of all the botanical blends I’ve crafted, this one is my most beloved. It will be part of the autumn/Halloween collection but will also join my permanent botanical line. It will be available for purchase as both a decadent 15ml minaret bottle or a single sample.

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