Autumn 2022 Notes And Policies

Autumn 2022 Notes And Policies

I am so excited to share my autumn/halloween 2022 collection with you on September 2nd. Here are a few notes that you might find helpful as you prepare to explore the launch.

September through December is my busiest time of year, and each year I learn a little more about what to expect, which allows me to gauge the best ways to meet the high demand for my work.

My autumn/Halloween launch begins early in September to account for the longer turnaround time. This should allow plenty of time for orders to reach you in time for October's end, even with the extended turnaround time, provided you order close to the start of the launch.  My regular customers know that I always aim to beat the maximum TAT, but that is not always possible during these busy months. Please be sure to plan any time-sensitive orders accordingly. Updated turnaround time will always be posted at the top of the site. If you'd like speedier delivery by the actual post office, consider upgrading your shipping to Priority mail (please note that this does not change the turnaround time on my end).

It is possible that I may have to periodically close down to new orders if order volume becomes more than I can feasibly handle. While this is always a last resort, it is a possibility. I never want to go over the stated turnaround time, so I may have to put the website on pause at some point in September/October if order volume reaches a certain point. 

I have been preparing for this launch for a very long time and have hundreds of bottles of each fragrance. While I can't predict how soon they will sell out, I feel fairly confident based on previous years, that I have created enough to last quite awhile. Still, it is hard to say for sure. In the event that any of the new fragrances sell out, it is my goal to eventually restock them.

Please note that resurrected fragrances are very limited and will not be restocked. Most resurrected fragrances are limited to 70-100 bottles each. Please note that Empress Of Autumn is limited to 25 bottles this year due to availability of ingredients. The autumn discovery set is limited to 300 sets and will not be restocked. 

Current turnaround time, a quick rundown of policies, and selected FAQ are always posted in a link at the very top of the website. You can also access the page by clicking here. In order to expedite orders, we are unable to answer emails containing questions and/or policies already addressed on this page.

Thank you so much for your patronage of my work during my favorite season. I can't wait for you to experience this new collection!

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