Autumn And Halloween Perfume Collection Artist Notes

Autumn And Halloween Perfume Collection Artist Notes

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This year's collection overflows with nostalgic places, liminal spaces, and reveries of fairytales. I began crafting these blends almost as soon as winter had passed and when the yearly longing for autumnal things started to creep in. My heart is always in the dark season, and these fragrances represent the memories, spaces, and places that I found myself longing for as I retreated to my perfume lab for most of the summer. Each blend represents an autumnal place, real or imaginary, that I could only reach through the transportive power of fragrance. 

This collection includes six new limited editions that weave in and out of autumnal and dark fairytale themes. From the cozy yet witchy Cottage Witch to the hauntingly beautiful Empress Of Autumn to the spooky gourmand trip of Tricks And Treats to the terrifyingly seductive Mirror Mirror — this collection evokes many facets of autumn and halloween dreams.

This collection also features two atmospherics that are harbingers of the fall season for me: Occult Bookstore and Halloween Shop. Both of these blends are hyperrealistic atmospherics that you can turn to any time of year when you want to experience the aromatic nuances of these spaces. 

In keeping with my predilection for bookish scents, I have also created Antique Bookshop, inspired by my antiquarian book collections, which will be joining the permanent collection. Book Fair also returns to join the permanent collection eventually, as it has been the most requested "please bring it back" fragrance since it launched last year. Finally, Occult Bookstore, mentioned above, rounds out the trio of bibliophile delights and will also join the permanent collection.

Witch Cat is a unique gourmand patchouli with 50% of the proceeds to be donated to Black Cat Rescue in Boston, MA. Black Cat Rescue is a no-kill shelter dedicated to saving the lives of homeless black cats and kittens.

Finally, this collection features Cathedral Noir, a fragrance I have been obsessing over for two years. It's a dark, resinous, brooding smoke and incense blend that evokes visions of shadows dancing through an ancient cathedral. If you are familiar with my Midnight Mass perfume, Cathedral Noir might be considered her ancient brooding cousin. This is a fragrance that I have been dreaming up for years and it finally got its last kiss from the muses just in time for the autumn collection.

Altogether, this collection features 16 fragrances and a sample set containing a selection of five. I am so excited to bring you on this journey with me, and I hope you will enjoy wearing these fragrances as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

At A Glance:

The Cottage Witch: Aroma palette is an earthy, fruit-tinged amber musk. Highlights include orange tea, fading forest greenery, autumn leaves, and warm amber musk.

Halloween Shop: Aroma palette is a realistic atmospheric. Highlights include rubber face masks, vinyl costumes, theatrical pancake makeup, fog machine, fake blood, and the distant caramelized whispers of wrapped candies.

Tricks And Treats: Aroma palette is a spooky gourmand. Highlights include candy corn, maple fudge, milk chocolate, peppercorn, and wormwood.

Occult Bookstore: Aroma palette is woodsy, earthy, and crisp. Highlights include the inky aroma of new tarot decks and printed pages, cinnamon cedar incense, and a melange of dried herbs and potions.

Empress Of Autumn: Aroma palette is a fruity, gourmand musk. Highlights include cinnamon broom, pumpkin cream cake, maple butter swirls, apple, and peach infused white musk.

Cathedral Noir: Aroma palette is earthy, resinous, and smoky. Highlights include holy water, juniper and cedar incense smoke, melted candle wax, aged myrrh resin, lilies, and deep aged labdanum.

Antique Books: Aroma palette is woodsy and earthy. Highlights include old paper pages, aged suede, leather, subtle woods, and lignin.

Mirror, Mirror: Aroma palette is boozy, earthy, and vintage inspired. Highlights include a deep red vintage merlot, moss growing on castle walls, an antique mirror, ancient trees, amber, extra light patchouli, and eerie wafts of vintage perfume.

Witch Cat: Aroma palette is a warm, earthy gourmand. Highlights include vanilla chai tea, Indian patchouli, vetiver, and star anise. 50% of the proceeds from this fragrance will be donated to Black Cat Rescue in Boston, MA. Black Cat Rescue is a no-kill shelter dedicated to saving the lives of homeless black cats and kittens.


Book Fair: Aroma palette is a woodsy atmospheric. Highlights include freshly printed book pages, ink, number 2 pencils, and a cool autumn breeze wafting through the window of a school library.

The Gables: Aroma palette is dark and woodsy. Highlights include antique wood, charred violets, agarwood smoke, and fireplace embers.

Witch House: Aroma palette is dark and earthy with a touch of fruit. Highlights include black patchouli, plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage.

Chocolate Cauldron: Aroma palette is a smoky gourmand. Highlights include charred marshmallow, toasted almond, melted dark chocolate, fire pit smoke, and aged dark vanilla syrup.

Ectoplasm: Aroma palette is fruity and floral. Highlights include violet, sugar, grape, oud, and fog machine.

Mansion Ghosts: Aroma palette is a soft fruit musk. Highlights include white musk, candied apple, pink peppercorn, antique linens, and marigold flowers.

Frog’s Breath: Aroma palette is green, herbal, and earthy. Highlights include green grass, cannabis, petrichor, basil, ivy, mugwort, fog accord, and green apple.

Sample Set
Our Autumn/Halloween 2021 Limited Edition perfume sampler set includes five of our new Autumn/Halloween releases (The Cottage Witch, Tricks And Treats, Occult Bookstore, Empress Of Autumn, and Mirror Mirror). These blends are perfect choices for the autumn months yet retain our characteristic haunting timelessness which makes them perfect for any season. This tin is limited to an edition of 500 and will not be restocked.

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