Autumn Ritual Oil Collection Launching This Sunday.

Autumn Ritual Oil Collection Launching This Sunday.

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Our autumn ritual oil collection launches this Sunday at 8pm EST and features five meticulously crafted ritual oils for the dark season. Please note that this collection is limited to what has been crafted and will not be restocked. The collection will include the following oils:


Witching Hour A bewitching blend for empowerment, protection, and receptivity featuring devil’s claw, mugwort, somalian frankincense, sudanese frankincense resin, labdanum absolute, Virginian cedarwood, laurel leaf, hyssop, obsidian, and amethyst.



Reverence: A beautiful, heart-centered floral offering for altars and visiting spirits featuring violet, honeybush C02 extract, jasmine absolute, rose absolute, ylang ylang, vanilla c02, lemon, orange, bearberry, strawberry quartz, and clear quartz.



Conta Di Ojo: A highly protective blend named after the Cape Verdean beads of protection. Featuring balm of gilead, cypress, rosemary, peppermint, high john the conqueror root, and obsidian.



The Gates: An offering to the dead and the guardians of the cemetery. Useful during spirit communication rituals and divination as well. Featuring frankincense, tobacco absolute, celery seed, mugwort,patchouli, nagarmotha, rose Otto, lavender mailette, juniper berry,and oakmoss.



Abre Camino Road Opener: A simple but powerful road opener featuring abre camino wood, sweet marjoram, sweet, orange, and lemon.

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