Black Baccara And Vampire Romance Retiring September 1

Black Baccara And Vampire Romance Retiring September 1

I know many are in love with these two fragrances the way that they are, but I’ve been putting off the intense desire to redesign these two fragrances for many years and I’ve decided to finally make the change for autumn. So, Black Baccara and Vampire Romance as you have known them will be retiring. Orders for both fragrances will remain open until September 1st on the Retiring Page.

Some perfumes that I created almost fifteen years ago frustrate me because I have over a decade of experience as a perfumer since first creating them and my vision for what I want them to be has changed during this time. I have been working on new versions of both of these fragrances for the past two years and I am happy to announce they are finally complete! The new iterations elevate them above and beyond where they were and make them more true to their namesake. 

As the signature scent of my house, I have been wanting something different for my Black Baccara fragrance for awhile now. Something much darker and more intricate. A fragrance that highlights both the conceptual aroma and the symbolism behind the black rose in a more shadowy way. I feel similarly about Vampire Romance and it’s gone many shades darker, with more funerary florals, some earth, dragon's blood, a touch of amber, and more depth. 

I know some will miss the old formulations, but the new versions are more aligned with my artistic vision for their names and themes as well as better represent my work. Plus, I’m pretty sure (or, I hope) that you’ll like them just as much or even more. 

Feeling obligated to certain fragrances because they are top sellers even though they no longer move me isn’t something I can ever seem to withstand for too long. I’m always chasing thoughts of how to refine everything I make into the best it can possibly be and sometimes that’s means letting go of creations that aren’t speaking to me anymore.

I want to provide plenty of time and opportunity for people to order the 2010 versions before I change them over, so they will be available until September 1st. You’ll find them in the retiring section. 

Samples for the new versions will also be coming soon and I am so excited to introduce these creations to you!
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