Churchy Perfumes: Comparing Midnight Mass And Cathedral Noir

Churchy Perfumes: Comparing Midnight Mass And Cathedral Noir

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Cathedral Noir is a fragrance that I have been conceptualizing for many years. It is a sister fragrance to my Midnight Mass perfume, and it's a deep, dark fragrance that feels like opening a vial of ancient shadows. It's a mysterious journey through thick wafts of smoky incense, opulent aged resins, and the eerie yet comforting darkness of long-forgotten sacred places. For those of you who love my Midnight Mass perfume, I am confident you will enjoy Cathedral Noir if you are open to a similar mood that leans much darker, smokier, and more resinous.

Midnight Mass is lighter with a hint of sweetness that Cathedral Noir doesn't have. Cathedral Noir has a darker, smokier, more ancient feel. It's an ancient cathedral that perhaps survived a few fires. The resins are older, deeper, with alcoves devoted to preserving ancient resins, whose aromas still hang in the air. Midnight Mass is flickering flames and wafts of incense that conjures visions of a Catholic church service. Cathedral Noir smolders with dramatic waves of cedar and juniper incense and dozens of extinguished candles. It conjures visions of a haunted 12th-century cathedral with dark and warm aromas of beeswax and lilies hanging in the air. Midnight Mass has a slightly sweet kick of wine, whereas Cathedral Noir is devoid of sweetness but embraces the metallic tang of holy water. 

Each of these church-inspired perfumes is very different from the other, yet they hold a similar mood. Cathedral Noir is a fragrance composed of approximately 90% natural materials. Each of these fragrances will appeal to anyone who loves churchy scents, as they are both intricate aromatic portraits of sacred interiors and the fragrant nuances that these places hold within their walls.

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