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Eau De Parfums Are Finally Here

Kalliope Amorphous
I can’t wait for you to experience my Eau de Parfum collection. While I love oil perfumes, I feel that the EDP format really elevates my compositions into a realm that is such a perfect match to my creative vision for this house. I’ve perseverated over these for a long time. It think it took me six months just to decide on and import the perfect 50ml bottle —tall, thick Italian glass that sits heavy in the hand, with a classic overcap. The box design is an eclectic mix of classic and slightly avant-garde and features one of my favorite quotes on perfume by Proust. I wanted this collection to encapsulate darkly beautiful luxury and it does. 

When formulating these first selections, I picked a mix of customer favorites from over the years. If one of your beloved fragrances is among these, you are going to love experiencing it as a traditional perfume. You’ll have more projection, greater longevity, and a quickening in the way the notes reveal themselves. The bottles will also age beautifully and last you quite awhile. 

More selections will eventually be added in EDP format and I hope to orchestrate the ability for you to order your favorites by request as an EDP at some point in the near future. Aside from a few blends that might present me with some nerve wracking miscibility issues, most all of them will be translatable. I will also be creating new blends exclusively as Eau De Parfums from time to time (I’ve been maturing a gorgeous vintage inspired blend for the past two months and can’t wait to bottle it)! When I create new blends that are not available in oil format, I will have samples available as well.

The collection launches with Absinthe, Black Baccara, Autumn In Salem, Cemetery Moss, Bernadette, Witch’s Veil, Hekate, and New Doll. 
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