Happy New Year (and a few updates as we head into 2022)!

Happy New Year (and a few updates as we head into 2022)!

This has been such an amazing year for Black Baccara and I want to thank each of you for walking with me and supporting me even as I found myself confronting a corporate giant intent on dismantling my art studio. I truly couldn't have made it through 2021 in one piece if it were not for your support, which strengthened me, and for which I am filled with gratitude as I reflect on this past year. Thank you.

I decided to open up Black Baccara on New Year's Eve so that we head into the New Year with Black Baccara restocked, replenished, and revived. There are a few updates that I would like to share with you.

As we move into a new year, I have decided that I can no longer continue to put off the inevitable. In the almost 12 year history of Black Baccara, I think I have only implemented a minor price increase one time, which was many years ago. During this time, I have been absorbing all of the costs of rising prices of my raw materials, glass, and packaging materials.

During the massive tariff increases of 2019, I debated raising prices when many others in the industry did but instead absorbed those costs to put off a price increase for as long as possible. Between 2019 and now, the prices of professional perfumery materials have continued to rise. Aroma chemicals and natural materials such as essential oils, absolutes, other plant extracts, and carrier oils have all had significant price increases and increases to shipping costs. Myrrh, one of my favorite naturals to work with, has seen a price increase of 20% since 2017. The palette of materials I work with is of the highest quality and I am very particular about the suppliers I purchase from. I am not willing to ever compromise in this area, so these rising costs have always been something I absorbed. 

In the past few years, I have made several upgrades to packaging and labels, always in an effort to keep refining the Black Baccara experience into a unique middle ground between handmade and dark luxury. I also work with as many eco-friendly packaging suppliers as possible and choose as many recycled materials as possible. Cutting costs to acquire packaging made outside of these qualifications wouldn’t align with my vision of making as many sustainable choices as possible. I have been absorbing these costs for many years, but a minor price increase is needed now.

There will be slight increases on some items, but some things will not increase at all. Below are the items that will have price increases. These increases will apply to both permanent and limited collections. As always, some special items may be priced differently from time to time based on ingredients. 

  • Drams: $15 (increase of $1)
  • 5ml bottles (non botanical): $23 (increase of $3)
  • 10ml rollerball: $35 (increase of $2)
  • Sample tins of five: $23 (increase of $3)
  • Sample tins of ten: $46 (increase of $6). Limited edition sets may vary in price.
  • Single 1ml perfume oil samples: $4.50 (increase of .50)

All other items, including botanical perfumes, ritual oils, and Eau de Parfums will remain the same. This small increase will allow me to continue to fulfill my vision for my art and continue to bring you unique handmade creations. Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support of my work.

I will also be bringing back free samples as often as I can. For the month of January, the free samples will be Temple Doves or Cabaret. You can select one of these with your purchase of $15 or more. Just be sure to leave your choice in the box at checkout.

I am continuing to fight to protect my art studio from a multi-million dollar corporate giant. If you are able to share the petition or GoFundMe in order to raise awareness as we head into 2022, I would really appreciate it. The best place to get updates as to what is happening is to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you so much and I wish you many blessings for a beautiful and happy 2022!


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