Holiday/Winter 2023 Menu And Notes

Holiday/Winter 2023 Menu And Notes

Key Dates
Launching Monday November 13th @ 8pm EST
Pre-Order Orders Open Thursday November 2 at 8pm EST
Pre Orders Close Sunday November 5 at 8PM EST
End Of Year Shop Closure December 1 at 7pm EST

Please note that as our final collection of the year, we anticipate that the launch (especially launch only items) will sell out quickly. We strongly advise pre-ordering to ensure that the new items you desire are reserved. Please note that due to time constraints and order volume, we cannot guarantee that all scents will be available after pre-orders close. Likewise, if anything in our holiday collection sells out there won't be any restocks so please plan accordingly. 

We will be closing to new orders for the year on December 1st (we will still be shipping outstanding orders), so please place your final orders of the year by this time. This will also be the last date to purchase any remaining retiring fragrances. 

New Fragrances

Yule Noir  (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Aroma palette is woody, earthy, and green. Highlights include moonlit cedars, pine trees, blue spruce, dark fougere, and a smoldering campfire.

Enter the darkest of enchanted forests on a cool December evening. This fragrance takes you on an olfactory journey through moonlit cedars, towering pine trees, blue spruce, a hauntingly dark fougere, and the lingering embers of a smoldering campfire.

On the dry down, our dark fougere accord adds an earthy and mossy depth to the fragrance. It embodies the undergrowth of the forest, where mosses and ferns thrive in the shadows. As the fragrance unfolds, the smoldering campfire note emerges, like a ghostly echo of a gathering that once was. The scent of charred wood and lingering embers intertwines with the other forest elements, creating an evocative blend that speaks of primal warmth amidst the winter chill.

Conjuring visions of the dark beauty and mystique of a winter forest under a starlit sky, this fragrance will transport you to an enchanting realm of winter magic.


Winterberry (5ml perfume oil)

Aroma palette is a spicy, fruity gourmand. Highlights include warm apple pie, pomanders, mulled wine, and a touch of vanilla.

The essence of cozy winter evenings and festive celebrations, Winterberry artfully combines the rich and comforting scents of the festive season.

At the heart of Winterberry is the irresistible allure of freshly baked apple pie, wafting through the air with its sweet and cinnamon-laden notes. This delectable accord captures the essence of spiced apples mingling with a buttery crust, transporting you to a rustic cozy kitchen. On the dry down, you'll experience the essence of pomanders, releasing a burst of zesty citrus intertwined with the subtle warmth of cloves. The fragrance conjures images of handcrafted ornaments adorned with cloves, orange peels, and an old-world charm.

As the fragrance unfolds, the intoxicating bouquet of mulled wine emerges, enveloping you in the inviting embrace of red wine infused with fragrant spices. The deep, complex layers of cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom intermingle with the richness of the wine, evoking visions of gatherings around a crackling fireplace. A drop of vanilla note rounds out the composition, enhancing the overall warmth.


Candy Cane Forest (5ml &10ml perfume oil)

Aroma palette is woody and icy. Highlights include freshly fallen snow accord, cypress trees, hinoki wood, frozen earth, and peppermint candy canes.

Enter a mystical winter wonderland where the essence of nature and the wintry allure of peppermint candy canes intertwine. This unique blend opens with the serene aroma of freshly fallen snow before quickly opening to crisp air carrying the essence of cypress trees. A touch of hinoki wood adds depth and enhances the base notes of frozen earth with its earthy and mineral facets. Throughout the journey, peppermint candy canes remain at the forefront, evoking crisp bursts of candied nostalgia. This is a gorgeously unique dance between earth and peppermint.


Holiday Cake (15ml Eau de Parfum) 

Aroma palette is gourmand. Highlights include warm gingerbread, vanilla frosting, sugared pears, and a drizzle of caramel.

This festive gourmand captures the essence of seasonal sweet indulgence by evoking the warm embrace of gingerbread topped with creamy vanilla frosting and finished with sugared pears, adding a fruity twist that perfectly balances the composition. On the dry down, a drizzle of rich caramel cascades through, adding another touch of sugar. A perfect choice to accompany you through the holiday season and beyond, whenever you want to evoke the warmth, sweetness, and nostalgia of winters confectionary delights.


Fireside Stories (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Aroma palette is a woody gourmand. Highlights include burning fireplace embers, cedar trees, warm butterscotch, pipe tobacco, and warm amber.

This unique woody gourmand encapsulates the cozy charm of chilly evenings by the hearth. At the heart is the comforting embrace of burning fireplace embers with smoky, woody notes that will transport you to a seat in front of a crackling fireplace where the aroma of cedar logs evokes the earthy essence of the forest.

As you settle in, the fragrance reveals the rich sweetness of warm butterscotch, evoking memories of indulgent treats enjoyed in front of the fire. A subtle hint of pipe tobacco weaves through, adding an intriguing but cozy depth to the composition.

On the dry down, a base of warm amber anchors the scent, completing a journey through winter evenings, a blend of wood, warmth, and nostalgia that invites you to create your own unforgettable tales by the fireside.

Snow Leopard (5ml perfume oil)

Aroma palette is woody and cool with touches of earth. Highlights include Mysore sandalwood, mountain snow, Himalayan cedarwood, frosted grass, amber, 8 year aged double distilled patchouli, and fir needle.

The artists ode to the majestic snow leopard, this unique fragrance conjures the pristine and mystical landscapes of the Himalayas. Its aroma palette is a harmonious blend of woody and cool notes, with subtle hints of earthiness that evoke the rugged beauty of snow-capped mountains. This fragrance captures the essence of a snow leopard's natural habitat, exuding a sense of majesty and mystery.

This fragrance is anchored by the deeply woody and slightly sweet aroma of Mysore sandalwood and the grounding scent of Himalayan cedarwood. At the opening, our beautiful mountain snow accord dances with frosted grass to lend a green and slightly crisp quality, akin to blades of grass encased in ice. Amber provides a warm and resinous depth, a touch of fir needle evokes a forest feel, and our beautifully aged double distilled patchouli contributes a nuanced and refined earthiness. This quickly morphing blend begins cool and settles warm, drying down into a beautiful woody amber.


Returning Fragrances

The Bells (5ml and 10ml perfume oil) -LAUNCH ONLY

Aroma palette is darkly floral and earthy. Highlights include Lily Of The Valley, winter rain, old moss growing on stones, antiqued leather, peru balsam, sweet orange, and church incense.

The Bells is our tribute to the dark season when the nights are at their longest and a hauntingly beautiful stillness seems to perpetually hang in the air, punctuated by the sound of church bells at dusk. The heart of this blend is lily of the valley, a flower associated with the winter season and the holidays during the Victorian era. This haunting floral is darkened by our earthy winter rain accord, moss, a bit of leather, a honeyed forest dyad of peru balsam and sweet orange, and a ghosting of church incense.


Obsidian Forest (5ml and 10ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Aroma palette is earthy and woodsy with dark fruit undertones. Highlights include plum, blueberry honey, hinoki wood, myrrh incense smoke, and forest woods.

Welcome to the obsidian forest, featuring all of the aromas of an enchanted forest as conjured against the quiet obsidian black backdrop of the night sky.

This bewitching fragrance centers hinoki wood (Japanese cypress) for its otherworldly yet soothing properties. Here, myrrh incense smoke and soft woods entwine with subtle fruit notes of plum and blueberry honey. This is a forest blend, yet it does not feature any green notes. It dries down to soft soothing woods with touches of plum and honey and wears very close to the skin. This is the deep, dry, subtle, mystical aroma of a wintry enchanted forest and its magical inhabitants as set against the night sky.


The Curiosity Shop (5ml perfume oil) -LAUNCH ONLY

Aroma palette is gourmand and herbal with traces of wood. Highlights include sarsaparilla, cream soda, antique floorboards, cedar chests, and old fashioned hard candy.

This magical fragrance conjures visions of a snowy day spent exploring a unique curiosity shop with an old fashioned soda fountain at the front and antiques in the back. The stars of this fragrance are the sodas: aromatically hyper-realistic old fashioned sarsaparilla and cream soda. Behind these fizzy nostalgic scents, notes of old floorboards and cedar chests of treasures linger in the background reminding you that this odd little shop is also a very old little shop. This enchanting fragrance is our ode to the picturesque little antique shops and general stores scattered throughout New England.


Attic Ornaments (5ml perfume oil) -LAUNCH ONLY

Aroma palette is atmospheric, woodsy, and fruity. Highlights include artificial snow, plastic ornaments, metal hangers, dusty pine needles, manger hay, static electricity, and aged pomanders.

This atmospheric holiday blend was inspired by the yearly haul of holiday ornaments from my grandmothers attic in the late 1980s. The boxes that we gleefully brought down for the winter season each year always had a particular smell that spoke of both the holidays that had already passed and the new ones to come. This blend contains the ghosts of Christmas trees past, a quick whiff of artificial snow, the nostalgic plastic smell of ornaments and bits of old toys, the metallic tang of metal hooks, the pleasantly dusty aroma of manger hay, the fruity scent of aged pomanders, and ghostings of electricity wafting off of fabric.


Saint Nicholas (5ml perfume oil) -LAUNCH ONLY

Aroma palette is spicy and woodsy. Highlights include leather boots, white fur musk, pipe tobacco, chimney smoke, and dark evergreens.

An apparition of Victorian era Santa is encapsulated in this hauntingly beautiful tribute to Old Saint Nick. Handmade leather boots, warm white fur musk, pipe tobacco, whispers of chimney smoke, and a bouquet of darkened evergreens make up our bewitching ode to a Santa Claus of Christmases past. While inspired by the season, this is a beautiful year-round blend for those who enjoy this aroma palette.


Velveteen Rabbit (5ml perfume oil) -LAUNCH ONLY

Aroma palette is a clean, slightly ozonic atmospheric with hints of subtle fruits and florals. Highlights include synthetic fur, vintage strawberry perfume, Bulgarian lavender, and faded violets.

Our ode to The Velveteen Rabbit tale is a bottled trip down memory lane where soft, ozonic, vaguely fruit-tinged, vintage floral notes dance in a melange of aromas both familiar and strange. The anchor of this blend is a soft and well worn childhood plush. Synthetic fur retains notes of vintage lavender and violet from its many launderings, while in the background, a nostalgic whiff of strawberry perfume peeks through. The fruits and florals here are muted and soft.

This is a comforting, airy, “your skin but better” fragrance that wraps the skin like a soft, cozy, patchwork blanket and conjures visions of comforting and day-dreamy childhood moments.


Snow Fairy Cottage (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Aroma palette is gourmand, earthy, and floral. Highlights include toasted marshmallow, candy canes, deep forest soil, and violets.

Enter the abode of the snow fairy through this enchanting and unusual fragrance. This blend features toasted marshmallow and hyperrealistic candy canes set against earthy aged patchouli and a handful of violets. This blend is quickly and distinctly morphing, revealing many magical turns on the dry down. From the mystery of the earthy notes to the nostalgia of the gourmand notes to the snowy pastel purple of the violets beneath, this fragrance is a magical


Samples of Fireside Stories and Obsidian Forest will be available when pre-orders open while supplies last.

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