Holiday/Winter Collection Notes And Policies

Holiday/Winter Collection Notes And Policies

I am so happy to share my holiday/winter 2021 collection with you. Here are a few notes that you will find helpful as you explore the new collection and prepare for the season of gift giving and snowy coziness.

Please keep in mind that Black Baccara is the project of an individual artist and everything you see here is crafted, designed, packaged, and shipped by one individual. I am continuing to assess the best ways to meet the continuing high demand for my work in a way that prioritizes expediting orders so that they can be received by key holiday dates. Because of this, the policies that were applied to the autumn launch and collection will also apply to the winter/holiday collection.

The collection launches on November 10th to account for the longer turnaround time and any potential shipping slowdowns by USPS. This should allow plenty of time for orders to reach you in time for the holidays, even with the extended turnaround time and any post office lag, provided you order within the first few weeks of the launch. Turnaround time at launch will be *up to* twenty business days. My regular customers know that I always aim to beat the maximum TAT, but that might not be possible as we inch closer to the holidays. Please be sure to plan any time-sensitive orders accordingly. Turnaround time will always be posted at the top of the site.

If you'd like speedier delivery by the actual post office, consider upgrading your shipping to Priority mail (please note that this does not change the turnaround time on our end). We will be upgrading all United States packages worth $100 or more to Priority Mail at no extra charge to you from November through the end of December. Simply purchase regular first class shipping and we will upgrade you with any $100+ order.

Due to order volume, we will not be able to offer combined shipping on orders until further notice. If you place multiple orders, each will ship individually and we won’t be able to change or cancel orders. Free samples will also be suspended for the foreseeable future because it's impossible to process the volume of orders in tandem with free samples expeditiously. We will not be able to respond to email requests asking us to combine, hold, cancel, change orders, or to add free samples to orders.

The Winter Village collection of five holiday village themed fragrances is very limited and will not be restocked. The sample set contains all five fragrances and is limited to 300 tins. Returning blends are also extremely limited (50 bottles or less in most cases). I am continuing to add as many bottles as possible, but items that sell out will not be restocked.

We will be closed for vacation from December 17th through January 3rd, so please place your orders before then.

Thank you so much for your patronage of my work during one of my favorite seasons. I can't wait for you to try this new collection!

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