Notes And Policies For Autumn/Halloween Pre-Orders

Notes And Policies For Autumn/Halloween Pre-Orders

A note on samples and a few pre-order notes! 🎃

Samples of The Gables, Sanguenta, Queen Of Crypts, Pumpkin Cake, and Cottage Witch will be available when pre-orders open tomorrow night at 8pm. They will be available until they sell out and won’t be restocked. 

Please note that Pre-order items cannot be combined with general catalog items (samples are ok) or the order will be cancelled. There is a large pop up warning about this, and notes all over the site, but unfortunately some people still make mixed carts and my assistant has to go through and cancel orders. The reason for this is that new collection items are ready to ship while general collection items need to be poured. Having it this way makes it so that I can process pre-orders quickly and get as many as I can out the door before the official launch. In order to offer a pre-order option to ensure everyone gets what they want, it has to be this way, so thank you for understanding. 

Orders placed earliest in the pre-order launch will ship first, so orders placed closer to pre-orders closing will ship closer to the 30 day turnaround time, because there will be a massive volume of orders. I always try to beat the turnaround time, but September through December is my busiest time of the year. I’m going to be processing hundreds of orders a day from tomorrow through the end of the year, so I really appreciate your patience.

Other notes: EDPs cannot ship overseas. Orders to the UK can be placed as long as they meet the threshold of $135 GBP ($190 USD) prior to shipping. Pre-Orders will CLOSE Monday 8/28 at 8pm. The official launch is Sunday September 10th at 8pm. Pre-orders are encouraged for items that you have your heart set on, because the official launches sometimes sell out quickly and I can’t guarantee restocks, especially with this collection. 

Please note that the following items are LAUNCH ONLY and will not be available to preorder: Holy Ghost (will eventually be permanent collection), Black Moon Musk, Altars, Mother Medusa, Frog’s Breath, Midnight Oasis hair serum, and October Forest hair serum.
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