Artist's Notes: Frog's Breath

Another of my new blends coming September 10th. Green fog, green mist, mysterious tinctures from a curious cabinet —these are the visuals that inspired my new Frog’s Breath perfume. Heavily green aromas in perfumery are most often associated with the spring and summer months, but here I wanted to do something with the “Halloween greens” and the greens from the darkly beautiful side. I’ve also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas so many times that its symbolism is permanently etched into my subconscious and definitely has leaked out into the inspiration for this blend.

This is an earthy, foggy, green perfume. The way that I’ve fogged the greens here conjures the way that the forest feels after the first autumn rain. It feels much different than the way that same space feels in the summer months: it’s foggier, cooler, more mysterious, less humid, a little eerier. The grass note here is dewy but cool and it dances with basil, cannabis, ivy, and mugwort to create an evocative and unusual atmosphere while a slight touch of petrichor sinks it all in a little bit of dirt on the dry down.

On my skin, it begins dark and grassy and the top notes of basil and green apple really shine and keep it mysterious before it dries down into a darker green brew of ivy and mugwort covered grasses with just a touch of cannabis and earth. This one truly smells like it came from an ancient apothecary cabinet of spells. I feel like even people who don’t usually go for green perfumes might really love this too.

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