Retiring Fragrances

Retiring Fragrances

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In the past twelve years, I have retired very few fragrances, but the time has finally come for me to retire some. The twenty blends here will be available until their current batch runs out. With this decision, I will be able to continue to create unique new blends and integrate them into the permanent collection. It will also allow me to occasionally integrate popular limited editions into the permanent collection.

As Black Baccara continues to grow, I have to keep assessing how to meet demand and keep things manageable while continuing to meet my artistic vision. Part of this involves tighter curation of the permanent collection. Artistically, I want to move on from some of them or develop new iterations of their themes. While some of these retiring blends have been well loved, there is a difference between fragrances I was creating as a fledgling perfumer in 2007 and the fragrances I am creating with 15 years of experience working in perfumery. Logistically, keeping almost every fragrance I’ve ever made in the permanent collection is no longer sustainable.

My ultimate goal is to have a slightly smaller permanent collection, tightly curated for the most unique blends across the spectrum of fragrance families. Curating more tightly will also allow more space in the studio for me to experiment with new materials and formulas as well as balance out the catalog to add things like more gourmands, for example. Some of the inspirations for these retiring fragrances will eventually come back in even more gorgeous iterations (I have had a different vision for Alice’s Tea Party and Cabaret for awhile). 

The retiring fragrances are as follows:

Lilith's Parlour
Goddess Of Light
Alice's Tea Party
Autumn Air
Eternal Winter
Prunus Avium
Snow angel
Decembers Ghost
Mermaid Potion
Marie Laveau
Phantom Rose
Shadows And Sugar

There’s time to secure these retiring blends before they are gone forever, however. You will now find a “Retiring” section in the main menu and on the very bottom of the website where you can find all of the fragrances that will be making an exit. Some are at the end of their run, while others are coming from a new master batch, so the length of time they are available will vary based on how much I have left.

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