Happy New Year And Some Updates For 2023!

Happy New Year And Some Updates For 2023!

Perfume Studio
As we move into a new year, I will be making some small changes to help meet the demand for my work. I am so excited to begin working on this years new conceptions and collections and I’m happy to have reached a solution that will ensure that my patrons don’t feel like they are missing out when things sell out very quickly. Black Baccara will always be the project of an individual artist, but the reality is that we have reached the order volume of a midsize company over the past few years. In order to remain true to my commitment to remain small and to be in complete control of my work while still meeting demand, I am going to begin making a few small changes to how collections are released.

I am going to begin implementing a pre-order system for certain new blends and resurrections wherever possible, particularly at big seasonal launches. This will guarantee that anyone who wants a new limited edition or limited resurrection will be able to secure one without worrying about them selling out quickly or having to wait for a restock. For example, most of my autumn collection this year will begin with an opening for pre-orders. Pre-orders will remain open for one week, so that everyone who wants to order will be able to. Once pre-orders close, the regular launch of 300-500 bottles each will begin and once those sell out, the collection will close. This will not only ensure that nobody feels like they are missing out, but it will prevent the need for restocks.

Due to order volume, samples have been hard to come by over the past year or so. I am hoping that with a pre-order system in place, I will be able to make samples from the permanent collection available periodically. Still, it likely will continue to be impossible for me to consistently have samples available. Some permanent collection favorites (like Cemetery Moss) will also be available in dram size in 2023 and I am hoping to introduce an EDP sample set shortly.

There will also be some small price changes to reflect the soaring costs of materials. Perfumery is one of the most expensive art forms to work in, and over the past year, the costs of many of my raw materials have continued to rise. Both aroma chemicals and natural materials such as essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts, and carrier oils have all had significant increases to both their prices and their shipping costs. Myrrh alone has seen a price increase of over 30% since 2017 while the price of fractionated coconut oil has almost doubled over this past year. The palette of materials I work with is of the highest quality and doesn’t leave room for compromise, so these rising costs have been absorbed by me in 2022. In 2023, a small price increase will ensure that I can remain true to my vision.

As we move into a new year, there will be slight increases on some items, but some things will not increase at all. Below are the items that will have price increases. These increases will apply to both permanent and limited collections. As always, some special items may be priced differently from time to time based on ingredients. All restocks of retired blends and limited extras from 2022 will remain at their 2022 price until they sell out.

Drams: $16
5ml bottles (non botanical): $26
10ml rollerball: $40

All other items, including botanical perfumes, ritual oils, and Eau de Parfums will remain the same or be priced individually based on ingredients. This small increase will allow me to continue to fulfill my vision for my art and continue to bring you unique handmade creations of the finest quality.

Black Baccara will reopen at the end of January, but in the meantime you will see new items being added. There will be some extras available from late 2022 as well as some remaining retired fragrances that I was able to make as well.

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support of my work. I wish you many blessings for a beautiful and happy 2023!
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