Winter/Holiday 2022 Text Menu

Winter/Holiday 2022 Text Menu

This is a simplified text menu of our winter/holiday 2022 collection. You can view the catalog in digital catalog format by clicking here


New Fragrances

Snow Roses: Aroma palette is a cool, winter floral. Highlights include our freshly fallen snow accord, iced cedars, violet leaf absolute, juniper, and true rose.

Enter a wintry dreamscape, where red roses lie beautifully ensconced in ice, retaining their unmistakable scent against a snowy backdrop. This unique interpretation of rose melds the cool, icy, earthy aromas of a barren winter forest with a beautifully preserved true rose.

A fairly linear fragrance, this blend maintains the perfect balance of its elements from initial application to dry down, with the rose blooming ever so slightly as it wears on. This fragrance paints an aromatic portrait of red roses standing strong against the elements and blooming in a most unexpected place. Icy and cool with traces of frozen earth, this snowy rose is a uniquely dreamy cool floral.

Velveteen Rabbit:  Aroma palette is a clean, slightly ozonic atmospheric with hints of subtle fruits and florals. Highlights include synthetic fur, vintage strawberry perfume, Bulgarian lavender, and faded violets.

Our ode to The Velveteen Rabbit tale is a bottled trip down memory lane where soft, ozonic, vaguely fruit-tinged, vintage floral notes dance in a melange of aromas both familiar and strange. The anchor of this blend is a soft and well worn childhood plush. Synthetic fur retains notes of vintage lavender and violet from its many launderings, while in the background, a nostalgic whiff of strawberry perfume peeks through. The fruits and florals here are muted and soft.

This is a comforting, airy, “your skin but better” fragrance that wraps the skin like a soft, cozy, patchwork blanket and conjures visions of comforting and day-dreamy childhood moments.

Yule Tea Party: Aroma palette is an herbal, aromatic tea. Highlights include black tea with pomegranate infusion, clove, cinnamon, lemon, jasmine and a swirl of black forest honey.

The table is set for a most enchanting Yule tea party and at the center of the table is the star of the show: a large carafe of freshly brewed aromatic tea blended with all of the magical notes of the winter season. This fragrance is the aromatic essence of an elaborate yule teacup, steamy and brimming with herbal, spicy, and gourmand touches.

This highly aromatic tea fragrance opens with strong black tea that quickly reveals an earthy, fruity pomegranate infusion bedecked with fresh cloves, cinnamon sticks, a handful of jasmine petals, and a swirl of black forest honey. This blend is gorgeously balanced and a must for tea-lovers.

Christmas Morning: Aroma palette is woody and gourmand. Highlights include warm maple syrup, blueberry pancakes, coffee with nutmeg, a distant fireplace, and hints of cedar and cypress.

If one could bottle the first aromas of waking up on a perfect winter morning, our interpretation of Christmas morning might be it. This cheerful blend conjures visions of a cozy winter breakfast set against a backdrop of nature, melding primarily gourmand elements with subtle whisperings of trees and earth.

Steamy stacks of blueberry pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and butter and a freshly brewed cup of coffee topped with nutmeg are at the heart of this mostly gourmand blend. In the background, a ghosting of fireplace and whispers of cedar and cypress stir quietly in the background.

Please note: This fragrance is non-vegan, as it contains butter c02. It is not recommended for those with dairy allergies.

Winterland: Aroma palette is gourmand and musk. Highlights include oatmeal cookies with vanilla icing, ginger bread, snow musk, and candy cane bark.

Technicolor gingerbread house confectionary bliss meets magical winterscape in this unique gourmand musk. Here, the warm gourmand notes of oatmeal cookies and gingerbread houses are set against a backdrop of our unique snow musk —classic white musk augmented with our snow accord and candy cane bark.

This blend is perfect for those who like well-balanced confectionary fragrances that don’t veer too sweet. This one is gingerbread covered nostalgia anchored by the sophistication of a uniquely beautiful snow musk.

The Curiosity Shop: Aroma palette is gourmand and herbal with traces of wood. Highlights include sarsaparilla, cream soda, antique floorboards, cedar chests, and old fashioned hard candy.

This magical fragrance conjures visions of a snowy day spent exploring a unique curiosity shop with an old fashioned soda fountain at the front and antiques in the back. The stars of this fragrance are the sodas: aromatically hyper-realistic old fashioned sarsaparilla and cream soda. Behind these fizzy nostalgic scents, notes of old floorboards and cedar chests of treasures linger in the background reminding you that this odd little shop is also a very old little shop. This enchanting fragrance is our ode to the picturesque little antique shops and general stores scattered throughout New England.

Frankincense And Myrrh (botanical): Aroma palette is rich and resinous. Highlights include Somalian Frankincense, Oman Frankincense, styrax absolute, Spanish cistus absolute, Ethiopian Myrrh, and myrrh C02.

This opulent botanical perfume features a classic ancient pairing of the finest frankincense and myrrh. It’s an aroma that evokes reveries of ancient rituals and sacred moments with its beautifully meditative and timeless aura.

The resinous, coniferous, slightly balsamic Somalian frankincense is tempered ever so slightly by the subtly brighter Oman frankincense. A beautifully aged Ethiopian Myrrh is enchanted by the richness of myrrh c02 while swirls of Spanish cistus absolute and styrax absolute deepen the brew.

This beautifully resinous blend also makes a lovely hair oil. Apply a few drops to the palms of your hands and gently pull through the hair to moisturize and impart an ethereal aromatic aura.


Returning Fragrances

Attic Ornaments: Aroma palette is atmospheric, woodsy, and fruity. Highlights include artificial snow, plastic ornaments, metal hangers, dusty pine needles, manger hay, static electricity, and aged pomanders.

This atmospheric holiday blend was inspired by the yearly haul of holiday ornaments from my grandmothers attic in the late 1980s. The boxes that we gleefully brought down for the winter season each year always had a particular smell that spoke of both the holidays that had already passed and the new ones to come. This blend contains the ghosts of Christmas trees past, a quick whiff of artificial snow, the nostalgic plastic smell of ornaments and bits of old toys, the metallic tang of metal hooks, the pleasantly dusty aroma of manger hay, the fruity scent of aged pomanders, and ghostings of electricity wafting off of fabric.

Chocolate Twist: Aroma palette is gourmand. Highlights include white chocolate, Black Forest honey, maple waffle cone, hot fudge, and a drizzle of coffee syrup

A most decadent chocolate blend, Chocolate Twist encapsulates all of the creamy confectionary delights of a gourmet ice cream cone. This blend opens with a buttery white chocolate and reveals Black Forest honey, warm maple waffle cone, hot fudge, and a quick top note swirl of coffee syrup on the dry down. It settles into a soft buttery chocolate with recurring whispers of honey, fudge, and waffle cone. A must for any chocolate and ice cream lover!

Conifer Farm: Aroma palette is coniferous and resinous. Highlights include Christmas trees (pine, fir, and spruce), hot apple cider, and frankincense.

Welcome to Conifer Farm, where all of your winter nostalgia begins. This deep, coniferous fragrance is a Christmas tree farm in a bottle. Featuring lush green pine, fir, and spruce trees softened by the steam of hot apple cider and then anchored in the calm and mystery of frankincense resin, this fragrance encompasses all of the olfactory ambiance of a Christmas tree farm.

London Fog Latte: Aroma palette is herbal with a touch of gourmand. Highlights include black tea, warm vanilla, and lavender.

Our aromatic interpretation of a London Fog latte is an evocative version of the cozy tea. This blend opens up with rich black tea revealing warm vanilla absolute and a smooth lavender on the dry down. As this unique fragrance wears on, it settles into a magical lavender vanilla with a subtle black tea background. It's a beautifully cozy choice for the winter months.

Marley: Aroma palette is dark and woodsy with hints of musk. Highlights include overgrown ivy, antique leather, spikenard, a ghosting of 19th century cologne, yuzu, and an aged laurel leaf wreath.

Our ode to Jacob Marley is a dark, ghostly but beautiful blend that seeks to conjure the spookiest shadows of the season. This haunting blend features the darkest of greens dancing with soft antiqued leather, lifted to the eerie heights by spikenard, aged laurel leaf wreaths, yuzu, and a whiff of 19th century cologne. This is an intoxicating, seductive blend that goes through many changes on the dry down, revealing glimmers and shadows of an old ghost wandering through old houses during the coldest of seasons.

Snow Owl: Aroma palette is earthy and icy. Highlights include snow accord, cedar trees, oak, fern, and sage.

An ode to the majestic bird, Snow Owl is an earthy, icy, strangely beautiful winter inspired blend. Snow falling on cedar trees, the trickle of a stream overlaid with ice, and the smoky darkness of winter nights at dusk are just some of the inspirations for this green, earthy, and slightly icy blend.

This mystical blend will transport you to distant snow covered lands where snowfall meets and melts into green earth and ancient soil. This magical scent story features a base of snow covered cedar and oak trees. As this blend moves through the dry down phases, it reveals the remnants of wind-whipped green ferns, and the faint smell of fresh sage and herbs burning in the distance.


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