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botanical perfume

Full Set Of Three Botanical Perfume Oils

  • $94.00

Save $5 when you purchase all three botanical blends. The set contains one 5ml bottle each of Beloved Ghost, Long Black Veil, and Lacrimosa. 

Lacrimosa: Highlights include blue tansy, blood accord, blackened rose, and sweet orange.

Long Black Veil: Highlights include labdanum, black pepper, frankincense, and black rose accord.

Beloved Ghost: Highlights include nutmeg, clove, patchouli, lavender, dark citrus accord, and marjoram. 

Pure plant essences are complex, long lasting, and unfold beautifully on the skin, revealing an emotive scent story as unique as the individual wearing them. They tend to have less sillage than traditional or mixed media perfumes, lingering close to the skin and morphing with individual body chemistry in the most beautiful ways.

Apply to pulse points and allow to evolve and unfold with your body chemistry, reapplying as necessary as part of your daily ritual.

Presented in elegant 5ml amber apothecary bottles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful. This house is amazing.

Everything this perfumer makes is wonderful and like nothing else. I tried all three of the botanical blends and each is distinctly different yet they all are so moving and emotional. It’s not often that a whiff of perfume makes me feel such strong emotions but everything I’ve tried from this house is an emotional experience. They really move you.

Jessica R.
My husband is a perfume artist and this is the only perfume he buys outside of making his own.

These are the most exquisite fragrances you will EVER smell.
They are unique
Last long
Take your mind to places you never thought you would go.
They are fast helpful and always on point. .
I'll never shop anywhere else.