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Halloween 2020 Botanical Perfume Oil Sampler

  • $18.00

Due to order volume, this set is sold out, but may return before the season is over. Please check back!

Our Halloween 2020 botanical perfume sampler set includes three of our botanical perfumes: Beloved Ghost, Long Black Veil, and All Hallows. 

All Hallows: Highlights include frankincense, myrrh, basil, nerolina, citrus bursts, and autumn leaves.

Long Black Veil: Highlights include labdanum, black pepper, frankincense, and black rose accord.

Beloved Ghost: Highlights include nutmeg, clove, patchouli, lavender, dark citrus accord, and marjoram. 

1ml amber glass apothecary sample vials with a plastic wand in the cap for easy and controlled application.

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