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Long Black Veil Botanical Perfume Oil

  • $32.00

Aroma palette is resinous and darkly floral. Highlights include frankincense, labdanum, black pepper, and black rose accord.

An opulent, resinous, witchy blend, Long Black Veil is a dark and seductive potion. Highlights include frankincense, labdanum absolute, black pepper, and blackened rose. This is a deeply resinous blend with a noir aura, perfect for the dark season or any time of year that one aims to bewitch.

Our botanical perfumes are impassioned, moody blends handcrafted using only the finest natural essential oils, resins, absolutes, and plant materials in a skin healthy base of fractionated coconut oil. Botanical blends are 100% natural and do not contain any aroma chemicals, fragrance oils, unnatural compounds, phtalates, or preservatives. Our aroma palettes for our botanical blends rely on the magic of mother nature, as the ancients did when crafting fine perfumes.

Pure plant essences are complex, long lasting, and unfold beautifully on the skin, revealing an emotive scent story as unique as the individual wearing them. They tend to have less sillage than traditional or mixed media perfumes, lingering close to the skin and morphing with individual body chemistry in the most beautiful ways.

Apply to pulse points and allow to evolve and unfold with your body chemistry, reapplying as necessary as part of your daily ritual.

Presented in an elegant 5ml amber apothecary bottle.. 

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