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90s Goth, NYC Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a spooky, spicy, dark floral musk with hints of leather and spice. Highlights include clove cigarette smoke, jet black lipstick, worn leather, and white violet musk. 

Enter New York City in the 90s, where the goth subculture was in full swing. The artists ode to the scene is a dark, mysterious journey through the accoutrements and aromatic nuances of the mid to late 90s. This head turning blend is built on a unique accord of black lipstick and violet musk. On the dry down, it reveals wisps of the finest clove cigarette smoke and a most subtle leather before settling into a violet musk with hints of clove.

Whether you were there or not, this haunting unisex perfume is ideal for anyone who marches to the beat of their own drum and likes their fragrances to do the same. Strange and unusual, yet somehow familiar, this blend is a dark and evocative head turner which brings to mind visions of ghosts marauding through the basement of an abandoned cathedral.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Laura Henri
    Temple of Love

    I was there, I was/is a 90's goth. I stomped and swayed amoung the great clove scented, leather wearing moody masses. This scent is EXACTLY this scene. I have had it for awhile, I always give my scents a whirl before reviewing and let me tell you my goth compatriots cannot stop smelling my neck, in the best way and exclaiming "how! how? did they bottle that time?"

    Balqis H.
    90's goth is so unique specific, made me so nostalgic!

    I just received my 90's goth perfume and am so in love with it. It reminds me of my youth being a goth. I lived in Dubai, the UAE with 0 gothic culture, we were only a handful of goths at that time, I am much older now but and am always searching for something to capture the vibes I have created for myself in the late 90s, the smell of candles, watching The Craft, reading Anne Rice books. This fragrance really captures the waxy smell of black lipsticks, the cloves that remind me of Halloween sweets (I did not smoke clove cigarettes), the leather of my Dr. Martins and violets that remind me of Tim Burton's characters. Its a simple but also complex and unique smell that is really nostalgic for older goths. I also received a Raspberry tea bag which I thought was so cute, I always appreciate the attention to detail, cute packaging, and the small gifts (I have received sample perfumes before). I'm gonna wear my new perfume, have my raspberry tea and watch Corpse Bride later on <3 Thank you wholeheartly for your beautiful creations

    Anna Parks

    just smelling it makes me want to go to any music festival

    Michele S.
    This rocks!

    I think this is my current favorite scent.

    The Jen
    This is so different from most of my scents, and I LOVE IT.

    There used to be a BDSM leather shop across the street from my university (where I attended in the 90s), and the first application of this smells exactly like that store: leather and sweet clove. As it dries, a musky floral combines with the other two, and leaves me smelling so damned good.

    Totally reminds me of my 20s, running around in smokey, dark clubs- leather, lace, and velvet. I love this scent and will be getting more as soon as I can.