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Vampire Romance Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is dark, earthy, and floral. Highlights include black roses, lily, fireplace smoke, leather, dragons blood, incense, and honey.

This haunting rose-based floral begins with a bouquet of black roses, petals tinged with the faintest remnants of fireplace smoke. As it dries down it reveals deep, earthy leather and dragonsblood incense slowly dancing with withering lilies and a swirl of honey.

This is an earthy, leathery rose blend with a dark, ever changing aura. A prefect unisex choice for rose lovers who enjoy their roses dark, incensey, and earthy.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Balqis H.
    Otherworldly vampire romance

    I've been using this for years now, its my favorite, so romantic and mystical. I think the name of this fragrance captures its essence perfectly, it smells like love in otherworldly realms. Its a sensual, sexy, dark fragrance, but not spicy or sweet or overpowering. It dries down to be powdery and there is a specific sexy sweetness to it, the lingering subtle honey on skin when it dries down. Its like wearing beautiful lingerie and sitting on a leather chair and breathing in the scent of of dusty full bloom roses and smoke. Reminds me of twilight zones, HIM's Love Metal album, leather and lace, Anne Rice books. Its what you would want your skin to smell like when a vampire nuzzles your neck. It doesn't smell like before or after sex, but rather the in-between state of seduction where time doesn't exist. Its so unique that you can wear it any season of year, day or night, the perfume fits more a hopeless romantic mysterious soul rather than season, time or place. I feel myself the most when I wear this fragrance and my friends have commented on it. If you are a 90's goth, you will love this one, Vampire Romance smells sophisticated and elegant, as we goths are all grown up, I am 33 years old. Its like aged wine, it allows you to be true to your goth self without smelling like a teenager. Reminds me of the 90s and early 2000s vampire culture but more luxurious. Thank you!

    Diann Daniel
    Pleasantly Unusual!

    This is a lovely, very unusual fragrance! I can't identify the individual notes, everything seems to blend together creating a mysteriously, haunting fragrance for me. This is one that I'll let sit for a while & can't wait to see how it matures!!

    A rose by any other name is Vampire Romance

    If you love roses (and I do!), then this is the perfume for you! It starts off very strongly of dark roses and although changes over time, the rose scent remains almost hauntingly. Synthetic rose perfumes tend to smell ... well .... synthetic and flat and unpleasant. Vampire Romance is nothing like that. It’s intoxicating, rich, dark, mysterious and sexy. I love it!

    My New Signature

    This is ALL I wear when the weather cools down. Deep, dark rose scent, nothing like your grandmother's perfume. Gothic, vampiric. Smells like the color burgundy. Haunting, sexy, elegant, beautiful-- the name does this scent justice. Definitely autumnal, cool, and spooky. The scent blooms on warm skin and lasts absolutely all day, is not compromised even by permeating smells (holds up against hours in a coffee shop). Can't help but feel this is MY scent.

    Maria G.

    I've purchased a roller bottle of this perfume oil and dear Lord. It smells so beautifully, exactly as it is described.