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Lilith's Parlour™ Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is darkly floral and smoky. Highlights include dark honey, narcissus flower, candle wax, tendrils of pipe tobacco smoke, and vintage musk.

A row of flickering candles throw their light under an entryway concealed by garnet velvet curtains, casting the faint smell of wax and wick into the air. As the curtains are pulled back, a beautiful woman is seen reclining on a fainting couch, her long cigarette holder casting shadows on the damask walls.

Narcissus flower combines with cedar and leather to create a lush dance between masculine and feminine. A drop of honey and a swirl of caramel cuts the darkness and gives way to tobacco on the drydown. This blend is incredibly sultry, evocative, and ready to weave a web of seduction and enchantment. It has an old-fashioned aroma, reminiscent of perfumes of the Victorian era.

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