Boxed Set Of Four Perfumes Of Your Choice

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Treat yourself or a loved one to a quad of 5ml bottles in your choice of blends nestled in our signature gift box. This boxed set of four offers a savings of $10 vs. buying each individually. Choose from any of the perfume and ritual blends in our permanent collection and select limited editions.

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1933: This masculine blend is reminiscent of vintage mens colognes from days gone by. Featuring a spicy herbal palette of cedar, vetiver, musk, lavender, and lime against a backdrop of deep green forests, this blend is a timeless and unique evocation.

This seductive blend begins with a full bodied dance between sandalwood and musk, gradually revealing glints of lime, lavender, and the faintest hint of greens on the dry down.

1983™:  A phantom aroma of the early 80’s, this subtle blend evokes an aura of denim, musk, big hair, and unbridled individuality. This soft and unusual blend is rooted in orris and tobacco giving way to lime and hints of strawberries. In the background, an amber musk keeps the blend unusual and soft, evoking memories of the odd and fruity perfumes of the decade.   

Don't let the inspiration alone fool you -this is not an overpowering or dated blend. It's a fruity and slightly floral musk that harkens back to another time while standing on it's own as a unique, very complex, and enchanting blend.

ABSINTHE: Experience a trip back in time to 19th century Paris, where your first inhalation from a deep green bottle of Absinthe conjures visions of green fairies and mysterious forests. Deep greens and herbals swirl together to take you on a magical journey through one of the most enchanting and fascinating historical spirits.

Absinthe walks the balance between woodsy and green. The aromatic essence of the drink is a deep and intoxicating blend which begins with anise, fennel, and wormwood softened ever so slightly by vanilla. On the drydown, it gradually reveals whispers of soft sugar, the faintest wisp of tomato leaf, and hint of coriander. This blend begins with high drama and sleeps down to a subtle, soft ghosting. Absinthe is a lush, bewitching brew reminiscent of perfumes of the Edwardian era.

⚜ALICE'S TEA PARTY™:  The atmosphere and magic of tea time with Alice is captured in this peculiar and curious blend. Sweet, but hinting at the surreal, this blend is rooted in a sweetly warm green tea blend augmented by tart fruits and warm sugars.

This complex blend begins with a sweet, earthy green tea blend which reveals hints of apples, oranges, cherries, and marshmallows on the dry down. Phantoms of cinnamon, berries, and vanilla move through to soften the fruits ever so slightly before settling into a soft, fruity, tea-tinged enchantment.

We originally introduced this blend in 2010. This new iteration is reminiscent of the original, with a deeper green tea base.

AUTUMN AIR™:  The first cool fall day disperses the aromas of the season into the air creating a magical sensory palette of leaves, crisp air, branches, and unique aromas wafting from houses and shops.

This blend begins with root beer and wintergreen reminiscent of an old fashioned soda shop and quickly morphs into green tea swirled with a ghosting of apples. On the drydown, the palette is sealed by caramel and black pepper. This is a unique herbal, fruit, and lightly earthy blend evocative of autumn air.

AUTUMN IN SALEM™: There is a particular aroma in the air in Salem during Autumn. It is this peculiar, haunting, and oddly specific aroma that this evocative blend is based on. The smell of old houses, cool air, and leaves releasing their scent when crushed underfoot. A phantom of incense passes by and fuses the palette together against a backdrop of misting rain.

This blend has an ancient, timeless haunt. It is rooted in Elemi and cedar fused with bits of figs, birch, and a ghosting of cucumber and fresh rain.

BARON SAMEDI:  This oil was created to honor Baron Samedi. Baron Samedi stands at the crossroads between the worlds of the living and the dead and is the Lwa of healing and resurrection. Baron Samedi is one of the leaders of the Ghede, a nation of Lwa associated with magic, ancestor worship, and death. He is the husband of Maman Brigitte and is often syncretized with Saint Martin De Porres. 

This is a deep, dark, masculine blend with a fougere (oak moss, lavender, and patchouli) base augmented by fresh lime, tobacco, black pepper, and leather. It is a unique and timeless men's cologne that begins dark, peppery, and mossy revealing phantoms of lime tobacco, and leather on the dry down.

BLACK BACCARA™:  A single rose dies and resurrects herself from the soil. Blooming back to life like the floral version of a Phoenix, she grows stronger and darker, tinged with embers and earth. She retains the sweet depth of her nature, yet she is unlike other roses. She has darkened, she is stronger, and she flourishes best in moonlight.

This is a deep, dark, brooding rose blend. It has a depth and darkness that is unique, while at the same remaining clearly rose. It is a very powerful, heady rose without the lighter sweetness that is often found in rose blends. Black Baccara is built on Oud and darkened by ghostings of ylang ylang, black pepper, and earth lifted ever so slightly on the drydown by a hint of vanilla.

This blend is a reformulation of our “Black Rose” blend originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for depth and longevity.

BLACK CAT: Deep, mysterious, and prone to ever-changing moods, this blend evokes the essence of the mystery, power, and beauty of a black cat casting her long shadow on the cool moonlit earth.

A bewitchingly dark brew, this blend is defined by rich, spicy cardamom and black pepper. This quickly morphing blend travels through cloves, frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, and a faint touch of oakmoss. This intoxicating unisex perfume is a deep, dark, spicy scent which paints earth and spice against a cardamom background.

BLACK HONEY This soft and seductive blend walks the perfect balance between earthy and sweet.

Dark and light patchouli swirl together to create a rich, earthy base for swirls of luxurious dark honey while a ghosting of fresh cloves embraces the brew adding a tinge of spice before the dry down. This vintage-inspired blends settles into a powdery soft honey encircled by phantoms of patchouli.

BONEYARD: Step into a 19th century cemetery overgrown with moss, tousled soil, and flanked by cedar trees casting their breath on the wind. Each step unleashes the aroma of damp earth and crisp autumn leaves. Melancholy yet comforting, the air seems to smell like time itself.

This is a dark and intensely earthy blend with its roots in agarwood, cedar, oakmoss, and a ghosting of patchouli. As this fragrance unfolds, it reveals cloves, cardamom, and a hint of an extinguished candle flame carried on the wind.

This blend is a reformulation of our Boneyard originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for depth and longevity.

CABARET: Inspired by the romance and decadence of the cabaret, this is a sexy, feminine blend inspired by vintage perfumes. This perfume encapsulates the essence of an old time piano bar or cabaret theatre, wisps of smoke and libations, and hints of romance.

Deep merlot and the faintest hint of tobacco smoke merge with sandalwood, cloves, honey, and a soft floral musk creating an atmosphere of mystery, romance, and timelessness. 

This blend is a reformulation of our Cabaret originally released in 2010 and is true to the original.

CARNIVAL OF GHOSTS™: Old ghosts hold a carnival at dusk and imbue this blend with nostalgic glimpses of jack-o-lanterns, flickering candles, tricks, and treats. Freshly turned soil and a cauldron of potions open to a gust of wind carrying fresh apples, sarsaparilla candies, and popcorn.

This blend is a strange, earthy, and moody gourmand. It is rooted in benzoin, agarwood, and the faintest hint of patchouli. Anise, pumpkin, apple, caramel, and a whisper of popcorn quickly reveal themselves from the background of deep soil to create the story of an Autumn carnival .

This blend is a reformulation of our Carnival Of Ghosts originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for depth and longevity.

CORVID™: As the autumn days grow shorter and the trees begin to shed, flocks of corvids echo their calls through the cool night air. In this blend, magpies, ravens, and crows congregate on silhouettes of branches, conjuring a timeless sensory picture of the autumn months.

This bewitching and haunting blend beings with clove, molasses, and a pinch of patchouli. As it morphs, it reveals anise, agarwood, and frankincense set against a backdrop of soft amber musk. This palette is deep, dark, earthy, spicy, and incredibly mysterious.

DARK BLOSSOM (Limited Edition): A small garden of pale flowers, ivy, and vines blooms under the moonlight, each small petal casting a unique scent onto the hazy shards of light. This blend is a timeless and ghostly blend of mysterious light florals tinged by the darkness and magic of night.

Ozothamnus and ylang ylang combine to create a light yet seductive floral heart augmented by a swirl of aged honey and a touch of shea before being wrapped in sprawling English ivy and a handful of gardenia petals. This blend is a soft and seductive white floral that wears close to the skin, creating an aura of feminine mystery reminiscent of perfumes of the 1930s

DECEMBER'S GHOST An antique cedar chest is opened to reveal the scents and memories of winters past. The smell of a perfectly preserved pomander, the ghosts of boughs of fir needles, and the timeless scent of frankincense and myrrh are just some of the elements of this soft and timeless palette.

This blend is anchored by cedarwood and flourishes of fresh fir needle. As it drys down, hints of orange, frankincense, myrrh, and apple cider emerge from the background. This is a soft and haunting winter blend which wears close to the skin, creating an aura of December magic any time of year.

EBENEZER: Enter a ghostly Dickensian homestead enveloped by the aromas of winter. A wisp of fir, a dusting of pine, old wood floors, and phantoms of chimney smoke dance across this timeless blend. From the background, hints of pipe tobacco and pomanders emerge to dance with allspice and freshly fallen snow.

This timeless blend is crisp, smoky, green, and brooding. It begins green and smoky and grows darker on the drydown. Inspired by visions of antiqued winter homesteads, Ebenezer is also a wonderful year-round unisex fragrance.

ETERNAL WINTER: Enter a magical fairy tale world where it’s winter every day. This blend bottles the scents of the season, offering a year-round window into the enchantments of the snowy season. A frozen lake dusted by snow, the embers from a burning fire, and spices wafting from a nearby homestead are just some of the aromas you may experience as this blend unfolds.

This blend features a comforting, slightly spicy palette of fig, anise, sandalwood, frankincense, burning embers, and fresh cinnamon bark. This wintery mix is a wonderful year-round fragrance for conjuring the comforts of the winter months.

ERZULIE DANTORThis oil was created to honor Erzulie Dantor. Erzulie Dantor is a Petro Lwa and a fierce protector of women and children. She is best known for blessings concerning motherhood, the gay community, strength, vengeance, single women, and artists. She is often syncretized with Santa Barbara Africana, Our Lady of Czestochowa, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

In creating this blend, we wanted to create a fusion of Dantor's favorite perfumes: the old Rêve d'Or (a French perfume that became popular in the late 1800's), Bay Rum, and Florida water. This blend begins with a vintage-inspired aldehydic base augmented by two kinds of bay rum and reveals bursts of orange, lemon, and vetiver essential oils on the dry down before settling into a very vintage-inspired scent reminiscent of perfumes of the 1920s. 

FALLOWEEN: In this bottle, haunted hayrides, ghostly encounters, pumpkins, freshly fallen leaves, and cool air collide across the extinguishing wick of a candle. This enchanting and evocative blend combines the most beloved sensory memories of Autumn.

This earthy and spicy palette is rooted in leaves, fresh sage, candle wick, and hay sprinkled with cinnamon. A whispering of vetiver adds an earthy and slightly green haunt to the ever-morphing  brew. Pumpkin and allspice peek out on the drydown before this blend settles into a subtly spicy and earthy portrait of autumn months.

GHOST HORSE™: In this bottle, an apparition of a horse appears on the horizon of a green field after a rainstorm. The damp earth combines with the musk and leathery scent of the horse’s skin in a sensual blend of earthiness and timelessness.

This haunting palette is rooted in two types of cedarwood tinged with leather and soil. Just above, ferns and green grass dampened by the rain seep down into the earthy notes. A murmur of frankincense blows past as an unexpected whisper of lime ties this blend together and seals its eerie equine atmosphere.

HEKATEThis oil was created to honor Hekate, Greek goddess of the crossroads  She is associated with the night, the moon, and the underworld and is often petitioned in matters dealing with abundance, eloquence, healing, and protection. 

This blend features a heady Ylang Ylang base completed by dark aged patchouli. The deep, dark base is augmented by myrrh, black pepper and hibiscus touched by the faintest hint of leather and a ghosting of lilacs. This is a very dark and mysterious scent, enveloping the wearer in a fragrant cloak of ancient citadels and underworlds. 

This blend is a new iteration of our Hekate perfume which was originally launched in 2010 and remains near identical to the original.

LILITH'S PARLOUR™: A row of flickering candles throw their light under an entryway concealed by garnet velvet curtains, casting the faint smell of wax and wick into the air. As the curtains are pulled back, a beautiful woman is seen reclining on a fainting couch, her long cigarette holder casting shadows on the damask walls.

Narcissus flower combines with cedar and leather to create a lush dance between masculine and feminine. A drop of honey and a swirl of caramel cuts the darkness and gives way to tobacco on the drydown. This blend is incredibly sultry, evocative, and ready to weave a web of seduction and enchantment. It has an old-fashioned aroma, reminiscent of perfumes of the Victorian era.


Enter a magical, sugary landscape made of colorful candies and rich chocolate truffles. This blend is a wonderland of sugary delights, starting with alternating bursts of fruit and chocolate before drying down to the perfect dance between both fruity sugar and cocoa.

Caramel, red apple, grape, and bubblegum combine with milk chocolate in this soft, sweet, candy shop inspired blend. This subtle blend wears particularly close to the skin, creating a soft and enchanting candied aura without being overpowering.

LOST GARDEN (Limited Edition): 

Step into a lush green landscape inspired by the lost, magical gardens of ancient history and fairytales. This blend is a trip through a lush, mossy garden overgrown with ivy and soft white flowers .

This blend opens with soft and clean verdant notes of ivy and moss intertwined with clean, damp soil. As it dries down, gardenias, magnolias, and white carnations begin to bloom, casting a floral overtone on the earthy and green base. This is a magical and vintage inspired green floral.

MAGDALENE: Magdalene is a soft, haunting blend that combines earthy, woodsy, and floral aromas with a heavenly almond accord. This blend begins with almonds and geraniums set softly upon agarwood, oak moss and patchouli. This blend is soft, feminine, unexpected, and intoxicating evoking visions of ancient gardens and sacred ointments.

This blend is a new iteration of our Magdalene perfume which was originally launched in 2010 and remains near identical to the original.

MAMAN BRIGITTE: This oil was created to honor Maman Brigitte. Maman Brigitte is considered the queen of the cemetery and guardian of all departed ancestors. She is the wife of Baron Samedi and is his female counterpart. She is often petitioned for blessings pertaining to healing and clearing of negative magic as well as issues pertaining to the law and justice. She is often syncretized with Saint Brigid. 

This blend is our interpretation of the scents of the cemetery and can best be described as the more feminine version of our Boneyard perfume. It has a dark, rich oak moss base dressed with hints of patchouli and dirt. On the dry down, phantoms of agarwood and ylang ylang peek through creating a dark and otherworldly aura. Beyond the earthy notes we have tucked a bouquet of white lilies, which become very present once the blend has settled. 

MARIE LAVEAUIn this blend, we honor the Vodou Queen Of New Orleans who is often petitioned for all manner of blessings in the realms of money, love, relationships, and law. Her encouragement helps lift the veil between worlds, but she also helps in practical matters of the earthy realms. 

To honor Marie Laveau, we have created a blend that can be used to anoint items, altars, and the body in petitions pertaining to love and abundance. Benzoin is the root of this blend, which creates a base of purification and has a vanilla-like resinous scent. Cinnamon bark, honey, and rose quickly reveal themselves on the dry down, along with a faint burst of grapefruit. This is a syrupy, sweet floral and would make a wonderful signature scent for anyone who loves the scent of honey and roses.

MIDNIGHT MASS:  The aromatic experience of Midnight Mass is captured in this evocative unisex blend. Frankincense, moss growing on old stones, several types of sandalwood, church incense, and the faintest hint of chalice wine are just some of the stories that rise up from this blend.

In the background of this blend, candle wick and smoke rise to the surface mingling with the wood aromas. Sacred, timeless, evocative, brooding and precise to the aromas of a midnight mass in winter.

This blend is a new iteration of our Midnight Mass which was released in 2010. It is true to the original with the only difference being a bit more emphasis on the aroma of burning candles.

MOTH:  A single moth hovers by a lantern in a dimly lit Victorian library. She holds impressions of the rafters, manuscripts, inks, and hints of parchment in her wings. On her feet, she carries the nectar of pears and pomegranates collected from her evening feast of fruits.

This blend is a nostalgic potion of woods and fruits. It begins with dark Patchouli and cedarwood and gradually reveals hints of orange, pear, pomegranate, and a wisp of cotton before sleeping down into a sensual balance of wood and fruit. The fruits here are not overly sweet, existing only to compliment the woods in a gentle, ghostly dance.

MUMMY: A tomb is unearthed from beneath the ruins of an ancient temple. As the heavy stone lid is pulled back, the aroma of ancient spices wafts to the surface. The spices and ointments within have been perfectly preserved and fill the air with an enchanting olfactory glimpse into the ancient world.  

This exotic blend is anchored in cinnamon and cloves rolled into tobacco, dirt, frankincense, and myrrh.  In the background, a drop of ancient wine works its way to the surface of the palette. This intoxicating and arcane blend is evocative of the perfumes of ancient Egypt.

NEW DOLL™:  Take a trip back to your childhood and experience the nostalgic fragrance of a brand new doll. This comforting and nostalgic blend mimics that peculiarly beautiful powdery softness of strawberries, leather, and the odd ghosting of plastic and cotton.

New doll is inspired by memories of childhood and the first fruity, leathery, baby-powdery whiffs of a brand new doll. This unusual, complex blend is an aromatic recreation of that "new doll" smell. It unfolds through hints of cupcakes, strawberries, lemons, baby powder, leather and cotton and lingers as a fruity, powdery scent while retaining a hint of leather.

This blend is a reformulation of our New Doll originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for depth and longevity.

NOSFERATU: A rustling of leaves appears before the footfalls as a group of pale vampires emerge in long leather cloaks carrying chalices and crosses. They bring with them the aroma of archaic earth, deep red wine, tobacco smoke, and red roses.

This is an earthy, rich, floral, and seductive blend. Alluring and dark, this blend is anchored by patchouli and red roses. The rich aroma of red wine emerges from behind the roses, tinged with whispers of tobacco and fire. This is a decadent and lush blend for all vampires and vampires-at-heart.

This blend is a reformulation of our Nosferatu originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with changes added for depth and longevity.

⚜PAPA LEGBA: This oil was created to honor Papa Legba. Papa Legba stands at the gates between the living and the dead and facilitates communication, speech, and understanding between the two worlds. He is often syncretized with Saint Peter and Saint Lazarus.

For this blend, we wanted to replicate some of Papa Legba's favorite offerings. This blend is both spicy and sweet and contains notes of cinnamon bark, rum, and candy with faint wisps of butter, cedar wood, and popcorn lingering in the background. This is a comforting, unusual and spicy gourmand.

POISONED PUDDING™: A table is set by a baroness who invites you to join her in a luscious banquet. In the center of the table sits a large silver bowl filled with alabaster pudding. The poison apple of puddings, it looks enchanting, yet there seems to be something dark beneath the surface.

This intoxicating blend is both delicious and slightly sinister. Marshmallow and chocolate swirl together before being dusted by vanilla and benzoin. The faintest hint of butter lingers in the background draped with touches of fire and roots. This blend is a mouthwatering dessert with an added dash of something wicked.

PRUNUS AVIUM™: Step into a brilliant blue and red dreamscape unfolding around a single path. As you walk down the path, enormous bright red cherries rain down from their trees and fill the air with a fresh, sweet, and enchanting aroma.

This uplifting blend is anchored by oakmoss, grass, and a pinch of tea. As it unfolds, it reveals juicy red cherries, hints of bark, and soft green florals. Equally divided between fruity, floral, and green this blend is an elegant and romantic interpretation of cherries.

RESURRECTING OPHELIA™:  A tangle of withering flowers floats to the surface of murky green ocean water carrying bits of the ocean floor in its petals. Ghosts weave in and out through the ocean air silently pressing their stories into the salt.

Inspired by the tragic heroine Ophelia, this is a dark, sad, oceany blend. The saltiness of the sea combines with deep oud, a handful of forget-me-nots, lotus blossom, grass, withering violets, and a ghosting of assorted woods and grasses. This complex blend is an aroma-poem written to all those lost to the sea or waters. Though it is a very somber blend, it remains tinged with the hope of resurrection.

This blend is a reformulation of our “Ophelia” originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for depth and longevity.

RUMSELLER™: Experience a trip to an 18th century rumseller’s shop, surrounded by liqueurs and fine tobaccos. A whiff of leather from the clothing of passersby, hints of dusty vanilla, and sarsaparilla waft in the background inviting you to linger longer to explore each finely aged bottle and tobacco box.

This unusual woodsy/spicy blend evokes a turn of the century shop offering bottled libations and cigars. Deep leather combines with spicy bay rum tinged with tobacco, embers and cloves. Wisps of marshmallow and vanilla linger in the background to bring an unusual softness to the blend. This blend is eerie, yet sensual.  

SALOME: A door opens revealing a lavish antique bedroom adorned with the finest gilded furniture and lush fabrics. The centerpiece of the room is a gleaming gold vanity table which holds perfumes and adornments perfectly preserved in time. As you step closer, the intoxicating fragrances blend together to form a single haunting aroma.

An incredibly old-fashioned fragrance reminiscent of perfumes of the Victorian era, this blend is very flowery and powdery with just a hint of spice. Lavender, jasmine, rose, nutmeg, and thyme dance with baby powder and sandalwood. This haunting feminine fragrance will take you to another era.

This blend is a new iteration of our Salome perfume which was originally launched in 2010. Nothing has been changed in this formulation and it is true to the 2010 version.

SAINT THERESE: This oil was created to honor Saint Therese, popularly known as "The Little Flower of Jesus" or "The Little Flower". She loved roses and is known for saying "After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses." Shortly after her death, those who petitioned her began experiencing miracles associated with roses. Sometimes roses literally appeared, and sometimes just the fragrance. 

This oil is a blend of both white and red roses augmented by wisps of leaves and coriander. It is a sweet rose with very faint hints of greens offsetting it. We best describe this as the lighter counterpart to our Black Baccara rose blend.

SACRED HEART: This blend was inspired by the iconography of and meditation on the image of the Sacred Heart and may be used in any petitions centered on or syncretized with the Sacred Heart. This is a beautifully herbal and fruity blend which begins with a very prevalent sweet orange note. Sweet orange serves as an anchor for frankincense, cinnamon bark, and bursts of lavender. This is a haunting herbal, fruit, and spice blend and a wonderful unisex choice if wearing as a perfume.

SEAHORSES: Enter a dreamscape featuring an aqua blue ocean teeming with seahorses. As you admire these magical sea creatures, fresh salted sea spray fills the air and lifts up the faint aroma of white beach sand and pristine seaweed.  

This fresh and clean oceanic blend is anchored by fresh, salty ocean spray augmented by hints of lime, coriander, and white grapefruit. This is a soft, light, and unusual aquatic reminiscent of crisp ocean air.

SHADOWS AND SUGAR™: The remnants of an abandoned carnival in a winter field haunt this blend with aromas both shadowy and sweet. Leather and smoke mingles with the scent of melting candy, wet soil, rubber, fire, and vanilla. 

This strange blend is rooted in damp earth and potting soil. At the onset, the blend is on fire, revealing a dark burning wood aroma. As it unfolds, it reveals faint phantoms of cotton candy and vanilla. This blend is both disturbing and sweet, evocative of strange landscapes. Perfect for anyone who enjoys sweet perfumes that still linger on the dark side.

This blend was named 'Creepy Clowns' during Halloween 2017.

SNOW ANGEL: Freshly fallen snow anchors this unique blend with the icy chill of winter evoking visions of nostalgia-tinged Decembers, freshly laundered sweaters, and the thrill of frolicking in the first winter snowfall. 

This sparkling clean, soft, icy, and enchanting blend begins with a vague hint of the ghost of autumn leaves before dispersing aromas of cranberry, pine needles, and a delicate blend of neroli cedar and peppermint enhanced by the faintest bits of plum and fig. This chilly, clean, and faintly fruity blend is a perfect winter potion and a unique year-round signature scent.

UNDEAD: Haunting, but incredibly soft and beautiful, this is a complex blend of dark incenses, grey amber musk, deep woods, burning embers, and a ghosting of lily. 

This emotive blend begins with an enchanting blend of lily, grey amber musk, opoponax, and a touch of frankincense. This bewitching palette then reveals myrrh, fire, and church incense on the dry down before settling into the perfect dance between woods, incense, embers, and the faintest touch of floral.  

VAMPIRE ROMANCE: This haunting rose-based floral begins with a bouquet of black roses, petals tinged with the faintest remnants of fireplace smoke. As it dries down it reveals deep, earthy leather and dragonsblood incense slowly dancing with withering lilies and a swirl of honey.

This is an earthy, leathery rose blend with a dark, ever changing aura. A prefect unisex choice for rose lovers who enjoy their roses dark, incensey, and earthy.

VENA CAVAThis blend is a dark dreamscape of black and white blooms, blood, red wine, and fog. Vena Cava begins with orris, ylang yang, brooding oud, and the faint smoke of burning embers. On the dry down, deep red merlot peeks through the mist and the aroma becomes more woodsy and metallic. A highly unusual, sultry, and dark blend that creates a beautifully seductive noir aura. 

WHITE SPIDER™: As the winter months move in and a chill overtakes the air, a single white spider moves into a library attic, weaving her web across the antiqued beams. She is a peaceful harbinger of the quiet, cool, and inspired months to come.

This unique blend is simultaneously spicy and cool. Uplifting and incredibly sensual, this crisp blend is anchored in fresh ginger augmented by a diverse palette of cinnamon, anise, cloves, amber, agarwood, and frankincense. The magic of this blend is that it starts off with invigorating fresh ginger and turns to soft spicy woods on the drydown.

WILDE: Inspired by the mystery and decadence of one of our favorite writers, Wilde is an enchanting and timeless cologne. This blend is anchored by two interpretations of bay rum tinged with cloves that lift it to a beautiful spiciness. As this blend dries down, it reveals a gorgeous cardamom sweetness, which sugars the bay rum ever so slightly. Hints of tobacco and leather linger in the background, adding an aura of mystery to the brew.

Wilde is a unique dance between the timelessly classic, the exotic, and the strangely decadent.