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Bernadette Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is herbal, earthy, and woodsy. Highlights include freshly tilled churchyard soil, antique cedar rosaries, orange and fig compote, and the scent of geraniums wafting through a churchyard garden.

This complex and haunting blend is inspired by Bernadette Soubirous, a saint best known for the Marian apparition known as Our Lady Of Lourdes. Since her death, her body has remained internally incorrupt, but her face and hands are covered in light wax masks as she lays in a crystal reliquary.

Frankincense, palmarosa, and ambrox are the foundation of this darkly beautiful blend. Geranium petals, freshly tilled churchyard soil, antique rosaries, cedar wood, and church incense swirl like phantoms on the dry down revealing elusive wisps of sweet orange and fig which add a strangely beautiful and uplifting fruit element to the brew.

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