Day Of The Dead Crow

  • $30.00

This original handmade paper mache decorated crow has an incredibly colorful personality. He is decorated with paint and glitter and has red and yellow clay eyes. This is a hand-embellished medium-sized crow measuring approximately 8.5" x 3" and is artist-signed on the bottom.

"Often considered carriers to the land of the dead and the spirit world, the spiritual and mythological history of the Crow is steeped in symbolism. I have created this colorful crow to honor the spirit of my favorite bird and as an offering for multiple uses. He can be used in traditional Dia De Los Muertos decor, but would also make a wonderful and unique offering for any altar or memento mori themed decor. Whatever your preferred use, this special little guy is a unique handmade memento mori ready to be incorporated into your decor or practice."