Summer 2019 Sample Set

  • $14.00

Sample all three new summer release blends in this sample set. This set includes samples of the following three perfume oils:

Sorceress: This evocative and sultry blend beckons you to enter the abode of the sorceress. As you approach her front porch at dusk, you are ensconced in soft tendrils of tobacco smoke as they drift like phantoms from the cigar held between her lips. As you move closer, the smoky ghosts make way for the aromas of black coffee and rum-soaked pineapple. The smoky fruits blend with the haunting fragrance of cedar from nearby trees before revealing soft amber and warm musk. This intoxicating, warm, and mysterious blend is inspired by summer nights in New Orleans, yet holds a mysterious and enchanting aromatic palette perfect for any time of year. 

Mother Medusa (Limited Edition): An ode to Medusa, this dark and haunting blend will transport you to the gorgon's lair, where earth and electricity clash in a blend which evokes the serpent haired goddess, often referred to as a monster. This blend begins with the ominous aroma of charred tree bark after an electrical storm, static electricity hovering over wood remnants and sea-soaked rocks. Earthy elements of oud, soil, and wet leaves set an earthy base that weaves in and out of this unique non-linear blend. Iron and dark sparks fade to a soft, woodsy, pepper tinged amber with a quiet longevity that lingers close to the skin. Fans of Plague Mass, Seance, and Undead may enjoy this blend, because though it contains different notes, it is similarly evocative of a dark and powerful mood.

Hummingbirds: This enchanting blend will lead you down a path to a magical garden at dusk filled with rich summer fruits and haunting florals. Here, hummingbirds float above the most fragrant night-blooming tuberose as the faint nostalgic scents of a distant carnival periodically make their way into the garden. This blend opens with bananas ensconced in burnt caramel, grapefruit, and juicy oranges set against a backdrop of fragrant billowing tuberose. A touch of cardamom and a hint of carnival winds add nostalgic mystery to this blend, which settles down to a soft tuberose kissed with fruit phantoms. 

Includes a 1ml glass vial of each of these three blends nestled in a black gift box. Available for a limited time only.