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Victorian Inspired Glass Poison Bottle Necklace

  • $24.00

Inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry, our pale pink glass perfume bottle necklace is an elegant and timeless way to carry a bottle of your favorite perfume or ritual oil with you. Simply add your favorite blend to the bottle to carry your personal aromatic ritual with you throughout the day.

Each necklace is handmade and features a vintage pale pink glass perfume bottle adorned with your choice of either a vintage gold tone and faux pearl rosary chain or a black acrylic bead antiqued gold rosary chain. The necklace chain is 22 inches long and hangs at just over 13 inches when clasped, but may be adjusted to shorter lengths by attaching the clasp to different loops. If you would like a longer chain, please add this add-on item along with the purchase of your necklace: https://blackbaccaraoils.com/products/custom-chain-length

The perfume bottle pendant holds 5ml of perfume. If you would like to order a pendant to arrive pre-filled, please state your preferred blend in the selection box. 

Each pendant will arrive with a mini pipette so that you can easily transfer oil into the pendant.


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