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Autumn In Salem™ Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is haunting, earthy, and woodsy. Highlights include aged wood, antiqued cedar chests, windswept autumn leaves, witch shop incense, rain misted old houses, and bare birch trees.

There is a particular aroma in the air in Salem during Autumn. It is this peculiar, haunting, and oddly specific aroma that this evocative blend is based on. The smell of old houses, cool air, and leaves releasing their scent when crushed underfoot. A phantom of incense passes by and fuses the palette together against a backdrop of misting rain.

This blend has an ancient, timeless haunt. It is rooted in Elemi and cedar fused with bits of figs, birch, and a ghosting of cucumber and fresh rain.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Soft yet long lasting

I'm in love with this gorgeous fragrance. It's a softer, verging on the edge of unisex fragrance that lasts all day. The scent description matches how it smells very well. I can smell the faint incense, cool autumn air and cucumber the most once it settles down, which I find very calming.

Jenelle DesMarais
Subtly sweet, comforting and Fall in a bottle

Here's my interpretation - I do smell the cedar but it almost transforms to an apple smell, probably due to the leaves component. Its sweet, but not overpoweringly so. I can definitely say that when wearing it I think of walking through dried leaves on the ground (and the sweet smell that they give off), a hint of moisture in the air (maybe it rained last night or is going to), and a cool breeze bringing all the comfort that Fall embraces.


The only problem I have with this oil is that I cannot take a bath in it. It's so intoxicating and bewitching that I want it in a massive size so I can cover myself in it from head to toe and just let it envelope me in it's deliciousness. It's not only the epitome of Autumn in Salem, it's magic in a bottle. I want everything I own to smell like this.

Fall Delight

This scent perfectly encapsulates the smell of a brisk walk on a fall day. At different moments, I can smell crunching leaves, chilly air, and a fleeting cool drizzle. Balanced, nuanced, and unique, Autumn in Salem is fall in a bottle.

Sarah N.
My favourite perfume store

These are the best perfumes. Rich, moody, beautiful. the only place I go for artisanal scents.