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Men's Perfume Oil Sampler

  • $20.00

Our Men's sampler set includes five sample vials of our most traditionally masculine blends. The vials in this set are Rumseller, 1933, Ebenezer, Wilde, and Baron Samedi.

Our generously filled 1ml glass apothecary sample vials will provide approximately 5-7 applications or more per vial and contain a plastic wand in the cap for easy and controlled application. Each set is artfully presented in a mini keepsake tin, making them perfect for gift-giving as well.

1933: This masculine blend is reminiscent of vintage mens colognes from days gone by. Featuring a spicy herbal palette of cedar, vetiver, musk, lavender, and lime against a backdrop of deep green forests, this blend is a timeless and unique evocation.

This seductive blend begins with a full bodied dance between sandalwood and musk, gradually revealing glints of lime, lavender, and the faintest hint of greens on the dry down.

WILDE: Inspired by the mystery and decadence of one of our favorite writers, Wilde is an enchanting and timeless cologne. This blend is anchored by two interpretations of bay rum tinged with cloves that lift it to a beautiful spiciness. As this blend dries down, it reveals a gorgeous cardamom sweetness, which sugars the bay rum ever so slightly. Hints of tobacco and leather linger in the background, adding an aura of mystery to the brew.

Wilde is a unique dance between the timelessly classic, the exotic, and the strangely decadent.

BARON SAMEDI:  This oil was created to honor Baron Samedi. Baron Samedi stands at the crossroads between the worlds of the living and the dead and is the Lwa of healing and resurrection. Baron Samedi is one of the leaders of the Ghede, a nation of Lwa associated with magic, ancestor worship, and death. He is the husband of Maman Brigitte and is often syncretized with Saint Martin De Porres. 

This is a deep, dark, masculine blend with a fougere (oak moss, lavender, and patchouli) base augmented by fresh lime, tobacco, black pepper, and leather. It is a unique and timeless men's cologne that begins dark, peppery, and mossy revealing phantoms of lime tobacco, and leather on the dry down. 

EBENEZER: Enter a ghostly Dickensian homestead enveloped by the aromas of winter. A wisp of fir, a dusting of pine, old wood floors, and phantoms of chimney smoke dance across this timeless blend. From the background, hints of pipe tobacco and pomanders emerge to dance with allspice and freshly fallen snow.

This timeless blend is crisp, smoky, green, and brooding. It begins green and smoky and grows darker on the drydown. Inspired by visions of antiqued winter homesteads, Ebenezer is also a wonderful year-round unisex fragrance.

RUMSELLER: Experience a trip to an 18th century rumseller’s shop, surrounded by liqueurs and fine tobaccos. A whiff of leather from the clothing of passersby, hints of dusty vanilla, and sarsaparilla waft in the background inviting you to linger longer to explore each finely aged bottle and tobacco box.

This unusual woodsy/spicy blend evokes a turn of the century shop offering bottled libations and cigars. Deep leather combines with spicy bay rum tinged with tobacco, embers and cloves. Wisps of marshmallow and vanilla linger in the background to bring an unusual softness to the blend. This blend is eerie, yet sensual.   

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