Anti-Black Friday Manifesto

Black Baccara stands against the extreme consumerism, damage to our environment, and exploitation of other humans encouraged by Black Friday. Perhaps the worst consequences of Black Friday are ecological —massive amounts of pollution, emissions, and waste generated from the push to consume so much in such a short period. This impact frequently builds on the backs of exploited workers working under poor conditions and low wages to meet overwhelming, sometimes violent, demands of a retail surge. 

Artists and small businesses that offer handcrafted items may also find themselves in a difficult position on Black Friday. It is simply not sustainable, and it is often impossible for us to compete with big box stores, fast fashion, and fast beauty by discounting our artwork. It can be particularly impossible with small-batch perfumery and other art forms where rare or expensive ingredients are an integral part of the finished product.

In Black Baccara’s commitment to finally take a stand against Black Friday, remove ourselves from its energy, and not be a part of the retail scheme, our website will be closed on Black Friday. With this decision, we are not encouraging it or participating in overconsumption and its adverse effects on the environment and other living beings. 

We appreciate your support during the season of giving and hope you will rejoin us when the day has passed. Amid so much clamor, your choice to shop small keeps our studio thriving, and we are so grateful for your support.