Art Jewelry Care

Kalliope’s handmade jewelry pieces are wearable art and should be treated with extra care. The wearer assumes responsibility for the care and longevity of each piece. The following features some tips for best caring for your art jewelry. 

Art Jewelry Care

Art jewelry should be kept away from water and moisture. Remove pieces when showering, bathing, swimming, and exercising. Never place art pieces in water. They are crafted for skin safety and wearable durability, but may not survive water or excessive moisture. 

Take care to avoid necklaces swinging into contact with hard surfaces by holding longer pendants close to your body when bending. 

Avoid excessive swinging and motion of larger statement pieces as this can cause stones to bump against hard surfaces or weaken the structure of the necklace over time. Larger pieces should be treated with extra care.

Always store your art jewelry separate from other jewelry pieces to avoid tangling, pulling, and scratches. 

When dressing, take care to avoid catching delicate crystal points, edges, and wires on clothing.