Autumn/Halloween 2023 Collection

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New Fragrances

Halloweenville (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)
Aroma palette is an earthy gourmand with touches of fruit. Highlights include light patchouli, apple cider donuts, pipe tobacco, green cognac. 

A most bewitching fragrance, Halloweenville captures the essence of an autumnal celebration in a shadowy, mystical town. Built on light patchouli, this blend quickly reveals the unmistakable aroma of warm apple cider donuts, while the rich scent of pipe tobacco fills the air, weaving an alluring smokiness that adds a touch of intrigue. The familiar yet elusive aroma transports you to a hidden library or an old tavern at the edge of October, where ghost stories are whispered and old stories come alive. Vibrant, boozy green cognac adds a touch of sophistication and intrigue, conjuring images of midnight revelries and libations.

*Black moon musk (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)
Aroma palette is musk with woody and resinous touches. Highlights include black musk, aged labdanum, red cedar, and a touch of cardamon.

At the heart of this fragrance lies the essence of black musk, a deeply sensual and bewitching musk with subtle elements of wood, tobacco, leather, and amber. Aged labdanum and red cedar emerge quickly underneath, evoking visions of the dense forests where witches gather under the veil of darkness. The final touch is a subtle hint of cardamom, delicately balancing the composition with a touch of magical spice.Empowering and perfect for the dark season, Black Moon Musk captures the essence of a moonlit autumn ritual. 

Wraithwood (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)
Aroma palette is a woody gourmand. Highlights include agarwood, aged black amber, cedar, cypress, old tree bark, palo santo wood, almond butter, and dark chocolate. 

Enter the realms of the mysterious and indulgent through this captivating fusion of woody and gourmand notes, creating an olfactory journey that is both hauntingly beautiful and irresistibly decadent. At its core, Wraithwood boasts the essence of agarwood, also known as oud, renowned for its deep and haunting aroma. Complementing the agarwood, aged black amber adds an intriguing touch of darkness before the interplay of cedar and cypress emerges, evoking the comforting and grounding presence of a dense forest. The scent of old tree bark and Palo santo lends an ancient feel that dances beautifully with the underlying gourmand notes (almond butter brings a creamy and nutty sweetness while dark chocolate lends a seductive richness to the brew). This fragrance is a perfect dance between the arcane and indulgent. 

Pumpkin cake (15ml Eau de Parfum)

Aroma palette is gourmand. Highlights include pumpkin cake, vanilla frosting, and caramel brûlée drizzle.

This autumnal gourmand features our luscious pumpkin cake accord bedecked with the delicate sweetness of vanilla frosting and a rich caramel brûlée drizzle. Cozy and nostalgic, this true pumpkin cake fragrance will whisk you away to crisp autumn days filled with the sweet indulgences of the season.

Havisham's ghost (5ml perfume oil)

Aroma palette is an earthy atmospheric with dark florals. Highlights include damp soil, antique wood, charred lace, decaying mansion wallpaper, and a withering bouquet of rose, violet, and clover.

Our hauntingly beautiful ode to the enigmatic Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' renowned novel, this fragrance transports you to the faded grandeur of Satis House, where time stands still and olfactory echoes of a tragic past linger in the air. Havisham's Ghost captures the essence of decay and lost beauty. It opens with the evocative aroma of damp soil, reminiscent of neglected gardens. Antique wood notes quickly emerge alongside an ethereal accord of decaying mansion wallpaper, carrying forgotten memories and the enduring presence of an old mansion's timeworn secrets. Hints of charred lace peek through on the drydown -fragile, delicate, fire-tinged fabrics left to wither to time or perhaps to linger on in Havisham's spectral form. Finally, a mournful bouquet emerges, combining the delicate scent of withering roses, melancholic violets, and the tender allure of clover. You'll find this vial has captured the essence of Miss Havisham's character—a complex blend of tragedy, resilience, and haunting beauty that perhaps still lingers within forgotten spaces. 

Salem Book & Coffee Shoppe (5ml Perfume oil)

Aroma palette is gourmand and atmospheric with touches of wood and smoke. Highlights include books, freshly brewed coffee, fireplace smoke, old wooden shutters, and pumpkin petit fours.

Travel to Salem, Massachusetts and immerse yourself in a cozy world of gourmand delights and atmospheric charm with this unique autumn atmospheric. Opening notes of freshly brewed coffee awaken your senses, evoking the comforting aroma that permeates the air of a bustling coffee shop. The rich, earthy aroma of aged wooden shutters and book pages lingers just behind the rich coffee as wisps of smoky fireplace embers conjure images of crackling fires and warmth on a chilly autumn evening. To add a touch of the gourmand, subtle whispers of pumpkin petit fours linger in the top notes and dance beautifully with the rich coffee.The result is perfect autumn coziness wrapped in heaps of nostalgia. 

Queen Of Crypts (5ml & 10ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Aroma palette is earthy and resinous with subtle floral touches. Highlights include dark petrichor, oakmoss, cardamon fig incense, nerolina and a scattering of dried rose petals.

Our ode to the queen of the underworld, this fragrance evokes visions of arcane vaults and crypts draped in shadows. This is an extremely earthy blend lifted by a beautiful cardamom fig incense, an offering to the queen of the dead. Among the shadows and ancient stones, a subtle floral dance takes place on the drydown when delicate nerolina dances with ancient mosses and a scattering of dried rose petals. This haunting fragrance settles into a pure petrichor with lingering traces of subtle florals and incense.

*available at launch only


Returning Fragrances

*Altars (5ml perfume oil) 
Antique cedar wood, oak barrel aged rum, vanilla bean, Bulgarian rose, candied orange, and marigold flowers.
This mystical fragrance is inspired by the altars that are set during the autumn months. It's a gorgeous, ever-morphing aroma story of the offerings we leave to our ancestors and the spirits that walk with us. This blend opens with a freshly poured glass of aged rum which quickly reveals the unmistakable scent of Florida Water, freshly picked bundles of marigold flowers, a touch of Bulgarian rose absolute, and candied orange. After all of the offerings have revealed themselves, this fragrance settles into a soft melange of candied citrus with light florals atop an antique cedar wood base.

Sanguenta (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)
Overgrown ivy, ancient trees, blood accord, extra dry champagne, and strawberry amber.
Sanguenta is both eerie and seductive, conjuring visions of a decadent vampire in the most glamorous attire. It begins with a dense forest of ancient trees and overgrown ivy before opening up to a luscious, highly decorated blood accord. The blood accord here is clearly metallic, but ensconced in several elaborate bouquets that keep it absolutely enchanting and a little bit less hyperrealistic than what you experience in our Vena Cava fragrance. As this haunting brew settles in, you'll detect notes of extra dry champagne, a soft strawberry amber, and an almost imperceptible hint of dried roses. Sanguenta is a truly haunting blend that veers toward the darkness with softened edges. 

Shadows And Sugar (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)
Burning embers, potting soil, cotton candy, vanilla, and scorched sugar.
The remnants of an abandoned carnival in a winter field haunt this blend with aromas both shadowy and sweet. Leather and smoke mingles with the scent of melting candy, wet soil, rubber, fire, and vanilla.  This strange blend is rooted in damp earth and potting soil. At the onset, the blend is on fire, revealing a dark burning wood aroma. As it unfolds, it reveals faint phantoms of cotton candy and vanilla. This blend is both disturbing and sweet, evocative of strange landscapes. Perfect for anyone who enjoys sweet perfumes that still linger on the dark side.

Falloween (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum): 
Freshly fallen autumn leaves, extinguished candle wick, fresh sage, pumpkin pie spice, freshly carved pumpkin, hay bales, and a dash of vetiver. 
In this bottle, haunted hayrides, ghostly encounters, pumpkins, freshly fallen leaves, and cool air collide across the extinguishing wick of a candle. This enchanting and evocative blend combines the most beloved sensory memories of Autumn.This earthy and spicy palette is rooted in leaves, fresh sage, candle wick, and hay sprinkled with cinnamon. A whispering of vetiver adds an earthy and slightly green haunt to the ever-morphing  brew. Pumpkin and allspice peek out on the drydown before this blend settles into a subtly spicy and earthy portrait of autumn months.

*Mother Medusa (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)
Charred tree bark, static electricity, ancient wood, petrichor, sea soaked rocks, iron, pepper, and amber.
An ode to Medusa, this dark and haunting blend will transport you to the gorgon's lair where earth, sea, and electricity clash. This blend begins with the ominous aroma of charred tree bark after an electrical storm, static electricity hovering over wood remnants and sea-soaked rocks. Earthy elements of oud, soil, and wet leaves set an earthy base that weaves in and out of this unique non-linear blend. Iron and dark sparks fade to a soft, woodsy, pepper tinged amber with a quiet longevity that lingers close to the skin. Fans of Plague Mass, Seance, and Undead may enjoy this blend, because though it contains different notes, it is similarly evocative of a dark and powerful mood.

The Gables (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)
Antique wood, charred violets, agarwood smoke, and fireplace embers. Our ode to the House Of Seven Gables is a dark, brooding blend that encapsulates the experience of walking through the seventeenth century historic home. An eerie antique wood accord is the centerpiece of this blend, which travels through charred violet, the haunting smell of agarwood smoke, a quick ghosting of clove, and a touch of fireplace smoke on the dry down. A highly atmospheric blend, this aroma will instantly transport you to another time and place.

The Pumpkin King (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)
Spiced pumpkin, candy corn, smoldering flames, and damp tee bark.
At the edge of the pumpkin patch, a disheveled yet enchanting creature emerges from the darkness. He has the body of a scarecrow and the head of a jack-o-lantern and he holds both a bucket of candy corn and a flaming torch in his tree bark limbs. He is both sinister and sweet and the strange fragrance he leaves beyond speaks to this dichotomy. His bewitching presence fills the air with the smell of scorched sugar, fresh carved pumpkins, and candle wick. This blend is a spicy, smoky gourmand which begins with spiced pumpkin and reveals melted candy corn, smoldering flames, and damp tree bark on the dry down. Not your typical gourmand, this blend is the perfect potion for those who enjoy their sugar with a bit of darkness. 

The Cottage Witch (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum)
Orange tea, fading forest greenery, autumn leaves, and warm amber musk. Step inside the abode of the cottage witch and experience aromas which embody the coziest parts of an autumn day spent in solitude. This unique fragrance opens with a big punchy cup of orange tea dispersing its aroma into the cool October air. A fading green forest quickly emerges to grace this blend with very subtle hints of green before giving way to the autumn leaves that now overtake it. On the dyrdown, a beautifully warm amber musk appears, tying together the experience with the presence of the cottage witch herself. This intoxicating blend settles into an orange-tinged amber with fougere and autumn leaf undertones. 

*Frog's Breath (5ml perfume oil, 15ml Eau de Parfum) 
Green grass, cannabis, petrichor, basil, ivy, mugwort, fog accord, and green apple.
This mystical green blend conjures visions of a foggy and intoxicating spell discovered in a witch's ancient cabinet. A deeply green yet incredibly haunting fragrance, Frog's breath is built on a foggy green base of ivy, mugwort, grass, cannabis and a touch of wet soil. It's a deep, brooding, incredibly haunting green that is uplifted ever so slightly by top notes of green apple and basil.

*available at launch only


The following 1ml samples will be available when pre-orders open and will be available while supplies last:

The Gables


Queen Of Crypts

Pumpkin Cake

The Cottage Witch

Hair Serum Oils (available at launch only)

Midnight Oasis

Our Midnight Oasis botanical hair serum oil harnesses the power of mother nature with a powerhouse combination of oils selected to soften, strengthen, add shine, and beautify. Featuring hair healthy oils to nourish your beard or hair while infusing it with the subtle and beautiful herbal and earthy aromas of mimosa absolute, a trio of lavender, and roman chamomile. These aromas are known for promoting relaxation and a sense of calm, making this hair treatment the perfect evening ritual.

October Forest

Our October Forest botanical hair serum oil harnesses the power of mother nature with a powerhouse combination of oils selected to soften, strengthen, add shine, and beautify. Featuring hair healthy oils to nourish your beard or hair while infusing it with the subtle and beautiful woody and resinous aromas of hinoki wood, palo santo, black spruce, frankincense, cedar, and patchouli absolute.