Spring 2023

Launching Friday March 17

Preorder March 10-17

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Spring Witch: Aroma palette is a floral gourmand. Highlights include apricot cognac, soft amber resin, vanilla marshmallow, and peppered rose.

Lilac Wine: Aroma palette is a boozy floral with traces of wood and musk. Highlights include garden lilacs, merlot, raspberry, ISO E Super, and aged cedar.

Persephone: Aroma palette is an herbal floral with hints of fruit. Highlights include jasmine tea, spun sugar, true rose, aged hinoki wood, and pomegranate candy.

Berry Violet: Aroma palette is a fruity floral with hints of musk. Highlights include violet petals, violet leaf, strawberry rose jam, and white musk.


Shamrock Potion: Aroma palette is a sugary, nutty, and creamy gourmand. Highlights include pistachio mousse, fresh whipped cream, slivered almonds, and a drizzle of french vanilla syrup.

Spring In The Cotswolds (Please note that this fragrance unexpectedly sold out during the Pre-order period) :Aroma palette is green and earthy with hints of floral and musk. Highlights include freshly tilled potting soil, dew-misted ivy, lily of the valley, peppery green vegetation, aromatic green herbs, a faint ghosting of lavender, and rain musk.

Velveteen Rabbit: Aroma palette is a clean, slightly ozonic atmospheric with hints of subtle fruits and florals. Highlights include synthetic fur, vintage strawberry perfume, Bulgarian lavender, and faded violets.

Strawberry Fawn: Aroma palette is earthy and fruity. Highlights include fresh hay, rain-misted earth, caramel, and strawberry fields.

Blueberry Birds: Aroma palette is woody and fruity. Highlights include ISO E super, blueberry hard candy, bergamot marmalade, cedar leaf, and a hint of clementine.


Available for preorder 3/10-3/17: Spring Witch, Lilac Wine, Persephone, Berry Violet, Shamrock Potion, Spring In The Cotswolds, Velveteen Rabbit.

Pre-orders open at 8pm EST on Friday 3/10 and close Friday 3/17 at noon EST.

Available at launch only: Strawberry Fawn, Blueberry Birds