Summer 2023

Launching Friday June 9th @ 8pm EST

Preorders Open May 26th @7pm through May 29th @7pm.

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Sirens: Aroma palette is marine and ozonic. Highlights include ocean air, driftwood, pristine seaweed, fresh ozone, and white musk. (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Gaia: Aroma palette is deep green and earthy. Highlights include extra dirty patchouli, cannabis, damp soil, orange marmalade, tobacco, and honey. (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Coconut Cake: Aroma palette is gourmand. Highlights include fluffy white vanilla cake accord, coconut creme, pineapple compote, and caramel drizzle. (15ml Eau de Parfum)

Strawberry Cake: Aroma palette is gourmand and fruity. Highlights include yellow cake accord, strawberry jam, fresh whipped cream, and fresh summer strawberries. Contains butter c02. (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Wake Me In September: Aroma palette is woody and earthy with dark florals and rain. Highlights include autumn rain, wet leaves, dark floral bouquet, pumpkin caramel, violet Egyptian musk, and incense. (15ml Eau de Parfum)

Samples Of Coconut Cake (EDP), Wake Me In September (EDP), and Strawberry Cake (Perfume Oil) will be available while supplies last when Pre-Orders open.



Goddess Of Light: Aroma palette is effervescent and fruity. Highlights include fizzy cola, strawberries, sweet orange, and cool vanilla. (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Frog's Breath: Aroma palette is green, herbal, and earthy. Highlights include green grass, cannabis, petrichor, basil, ivy, mugwort, fog accord, and green apple. (5ml perfume oil & 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Jasmine Sorbet: Aroma palette is a floral infused gourmand. Highlights include jasmine vanilla sorbet, marshmallow fluff drizzle, a dusting of tonka bean, and a squeeze of clementine. (5ml perfume oil & 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Boardwalk 1990: Aroma palette is an atmospheric aquatic and gourmand. Highlights include ocean breeze, salt water taffy, bubble gum, iced coffee, and a vague whiff of coconut suntan lotion. (5ml perfume oil & 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Summer Spell: Aroma palette is an earthy musk with a touch of fruit. Highlights include iced black tea, antiqued orange blossom, petitgrain, ripe peach, and Egyptian musk. (5ml & 10ml perfume oil)

Strawberry Gossamer: Aroma palette is fruity and fresh. Highlights include strawberry preserves, french vanilla, strawberry syrup, pink lemonade, and buttercream frosting.(5ml perfume oil & 15ml Eau de Parfum)

Summer 1989: Aroma palette is a fruity gourmand. Highlights include root beer float, chocolate scratch and sniff stickers, and grape popsicles.(5ml perfume oil available at launch only)

Summertide: Aroma palette is fruity and earthy. Highlights include matcha, Bartlett pear, basil, lime, coconut, and patchouli.(5ml perfume oil available at launch only)


Available at launch only: Summer 1989, Summertide