Turnaround Time Tutorial

We are very transparent about turnaround time and have included it in as many spaces as possible in order to make it convenient for those who wish to know when their order may ship. Despite this, we frequently receive messages asking when an order will ship. Turnaround time is almost always up to thirty business days (this means your order may sometimes ship sooner, but it can take up to the full turnaround time, especially during our busiest seasons). We have created this tutorial to illustrate all of the areas of the website and ordering process where you can expect to find turnaround time. 

1.  In a large banner on top of the website. 

As shown above, turnaround time is always posted in a large colorful banner on top of our website and on every page of our website. 

2. On our updates page, which you will be brought to if you click the banner on the top of our website.

As shown above, if you click the banner on top of our website, you will be brought to our updates page. This page gives more detailed information on turnaround time, as well as general updates.

3. Under the checkbox that you must check in order to proceed with your cart.

In order to be able to proceed with your cart, you must select the box that states you are aware of processing time. When you click on the link, it will bring you to our policies and updates page.

4. Under the checkbox you must check in order to complete checkout.

When you reach final checkout, you will again be prompted to check the box indicating that you are aware of processing time.

5. In your order confirmation email.

Finally, when you receive your order confirmation, we provide you with a reminder of processing time. We hope this helps!