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1933 Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is herbal, masculine, and woodsy and highlights include cedar barrel, charred wood, frosted lavender, fresh cut grass, fresh limes, and verdant forests. 

This masculine blend is reminiscent of vintage mens colognes from days gone by. Featuring a spicy herbal palette of cedar, vetiver, musk, lavender, and lime against a backdrop of deep green forests, this blend is a timeless and unique evocation.

This seductive blend begins with a full bodied dance between sandalwood and musk, gradually revealing glints of lime, lavender, and the faintest hint of greens on the dry down.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Wait for the dry-down!

    This scent is mostly unremarkable to me straight from the bottle. However, once it hits my skin all the scents come out. The woodiness is most prevalent on me. Then, comes the dry down--it's sultry and comforting. I love this scent and will likely wear it often.

    Alyson Y.

    This scent jogs my memory as a past life flapper girl roaming around a speak easy. A deep and sultry scent, I never leave the house without it.

    Alex Mottaz
    A Classic But Well-Enhanced Scent

    After having bought a sample pack, I found myself constantly coming back to this scent. This scent opens up like a classic men's cologne from yesteryear, but as soon as I try it on--scent changes to something truly foresty (with cedar smelling like bark, crisp lavender and greenery but with a juicy shot of lime and something dark and earthy (which I guess is the patchouli)). This scent is classy AND atmospheric, and smells like a cross of what Al Capone would smell like and Pan from greek mythology.

    1933 perfume oil

    I absolutely love it.... definitely going to try all the other ones too.... I love musky smells favorite is patchouli.