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1983™ Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is fruity, floral, and beautifully strange and highlights include freshly laundered denim, retro musk, tobacco, velvety orris, strawberry candy, vintage amber, and tobacco.

A phantom aroma of the early 80’s, this subtle blend evokes an aura of denim, musk, big hair, and unbridled individuality. This soft and unusual blend is rooted in orris and tobacco giving way to lime and hints of strawberries. In the background, an amber musk keeps the blend balanced and soft, evoking memories of the odd and fruity perfumes of the decade.  

Don't let the inspiration alone fool you -this is not an overpowering or dated blend. It's a fruity and slightly floral musk that harkens back to another time while standing on it's own as a unique, very complex, and enchanting blend.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    love it

    reminds me of an arcade! the candy jumps out at you straight away, but once you wear it a while the other notes come in and compliment each other in the nicest way so it's not too sweet-smelling. overall a really nice scent.

    Alice R.

    Love the scent, reminds me of dancing at Medusa's Chicago. The sweet musky tones last a very long time. Definitely recommend!

    Carolyn Maas
    Spunky and Fun!

    How in the world do you create a scent that evokes memories of a year? I don't know, but this perfume is so much fun to wear. It is lively. It's a bit of sweetness but also an earthiness. I was 20 in 1983 living in Southern California. It was the start of my weird phase that hasn't passed yet. I love everything about this scent. I also want to give credit for the labels on the bottles; they are really creative and beautiful. These scents are something different entirely. They are wearable art, as another reviewer mentioned. It's true.

    Jessica R.
    Just...wow ♡

    I just got this perfume today and as always (with every Black Baccara perfume I try) I am blown away! I can smell the sweet tobacco mingling with the light strawberry and then there is something lightly spicy...almost cinnamon-like but maybe thats the orris? I am not sure but it is so pretty and I love it! This is one of my favorite perfume houses because everything is gorgeous, unique,and haunting in some way. ♡

    Maxine l
    It really smells like the 80s

    In a good way. This perfume managed to bring up some of my best memories of the 80s but the perfume itself doesn’t smell old or out of date. Hard to explain but it evokes so many 80s memories and is also a bit of an eerie smell like if you had a very vivid dream of the coolest parts of the 80s it should smell like this. It settles down to a very unique and unusual fruity musk and I get a lot of compliments on it.