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Perfume Oils Sample Set (Pick Five)

  • $20.00

Custom sample sets are not currently available. They open periodically throughout the year. Please subscribe to our e-mail list  or follow us on Instagram to be informed of the restock.

Black Baccara perfume oil sample sets are a fun and enchanting way to discover your favorite blends before committing to a larger size. This perfume oil sample set includes five glass sample vials of your choice.

Our generously filled 1ml glass apothecary sample vials will provide approximately 5 applications per vial and contain a plastic wand in the cap for easy and controlled application. Each set is artfully presented in a mini keepsake tin, making them perfect for gift-giving as well.

Blended into a skin-healthy base of fractionated coconut oil, all of our perfume oils are hand-blended in small batches, cruelty free, and aromatically complex.

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Choose five samples from any of the permanent cool blends on our Master Fragrance List.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Danielle Janiszewski
I always buy the sample packs...

I'm really disappointed they haven't been in stock any of the times I've checked the website in the past year because these sample packs really are the perfect way to discover which scents you actually like. The full size bottles are great if it's a scent you know you like, but it's just too much money to spend on one perfume without that guarantee. I'd hate to waste a full bottle of something. I end up not taking the chance if I can't get a sample beforehand, unless it's a limited edition that I can tell from the description that it's similar to one I already know I like quite a lot and I know the scent won't be added into the normal rotation. But I definitely recommend these sample packs whenever they are around, the 10 vial one as well. I've gotten several and keep a notebook of the scents and which ones to buy full sized bottles of. They're very handy.

Never Disappointed

I have received a total of 20 samples from Black Baccara, and of those twenty I have found exactly 3 I didn’t like. These fragrances are consistently classy, well-rounded, with formidable depth and character. The poetic descriptions on each fragrance’s page do the scents perfect justice. The names evoke vividly haunting imagery that suits each perfume and makes them into a scene from a Victorian storybook. The process of shopping for, ordering, receiving, trying, and wearing these scents is an experience I didn’t expect from an online perfume shop. These perfumes are absolute art. I have found no other shop like this one and I expect I will buy from them until their stock runs out!! Worth every penny. I hope to run a shop as masterful as this someday.

Artful and beautiful

I’m so impressed by this house, and as someone who has tried almost every indie house there is, I feel like I’ve finally experienced what the art of perfume is in just these six samples (Bernadette, Autumn in Salem, summer spell, witch’s veil, carnival ghosts, absinthe.) These are deep, poetic scents and you can tell that so much thought and time has gone into crafting these. Out of my first five samples plus the extra I’m already buying three full sized and I can’t wait to try more from this house. This really is art.

Elaine C.
In Love, As Always!

I love the option to buy 5-vial sample sets! It's such a bargain for the price. My favorites out of my recent sampler were: Hekate, because it smells like standing next to a lilac bush in a spring thunderstorm. And Magdalene, because it smells like Maman Brigette but with more floral notes.
I'm looking forward to buying a full-sized bottle of Hekate for summer, and trying the new Wild Lilac sample next purchase! Thank you as always for the most delicious and diverse oil perfumes!

Impressed with the whole experience

I ordered samples of Lilith's Parlour, Hummingbirds, New Doll, Sorceress, and Vampire Romance and a free sample of Papa Legba. I haven't let them rest properly but already love everyone of them smelling straight from the bottle which is unusual for me. I can only imagine it will only get better once I wear them. The TAT was crazy fast and the presentation of the packaging alone was just incredibly beautiful and eloquent. It made me feel so very special recieving these lovely oils that the talented owner took very special care in making and presenting.