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Absinthe Perfume Oil

Absinthe Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is herbal, unisex, and boozy. Highlights include spicy anise, scorched sugar, fresh tomato leaf, wormwood, aged woods, and softly aged vanilla.

Experience a trip back in time to 19th century Paris, where your first inhalation from a deep green bottle of Absinthe conjures visions of green fairies and mysterious forests. Deep greens and herbals swirl together to take you on a magical journey through one of the most enchanting and fascinating historical spirits.

Absinthe walks the balance between woodsy and green. The aromatic essence of the drink is a deep and intoxicating blend which begins with anise, fennel, and wormwood softened ever so slightly by vanilla. On the drydown, it gradually reveals whispers of soft sugar, the faintest wisp of tomato leaf, and hint of coriander. This blend begins with high drama and sleeps down to a subtle, soft ghosting. Absinthe is a lush, bewitching brew reminiscent of perfumes of the Edwardian era. 

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Customer Reviews

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It awakes something in you

I use perfume purposely and I use absinthe to gain energy and confidence before a tough day. It's different and I've had a lot of people telling me I smell like licorice and they've been intrigued to say the least. I love it and haven't found anything like it anywhere else.

At last. . .

My seemingly never-ending quest in search of a true Absinthe perfume has finally come to an end with this wee dram of utter perfection. The Green Fairy is here, dancing through the air of my room leaving trails of olfactory bliss in her wake. Thank you Kalliope! You are truly gifted. 🖤💚🖤

Pure absinthe

This perfume really takes you back in time. It smells like someone reached back into the past and put a glass of absinthe in front of your nose. I’ve tried so many “absinthe” perfume and this is the most well balanced version I’ve tried. It also doesn’t have a synthetic perfume smell at all like the others I’ve tried. It smells real, fresh, and vivid.

Mark LB
Wonderful absinthe

Best version of Absinthe I’ve tried yet. Perfectly balanced and not sickeningly sweet or synthetic smelling. It’s very rich and true to absinthe. My gf and I both wear this so it’s a great unisex too.


This is the best absinthe perfume I’ve tried. True to the description and very beautiful. It layers great with the dark rose perfume.