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Autumn Air™ Perfume Oil (Retired)

Autumn Air™ Perfume Oil (Retired)

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Aroma palette is cool, spicy, and fruity. Highlights include spicy root beer, caramel swirls, iced green tea, crisp apple, cool wintergreen, and windswept autumn leaves.

The first cool fall day disperses the aromas of the season into the air creating a magical sensory palette of leaves, crisp air, branches, and unique aromas wafting from houses and shops.

This blend begins with root beer and wintergreen reminiscent of an old fashioned soda shop and quickly morphs into green tea swirled with a ghosting of apples. On the drydown, the palette is sealed by caramel and black pepper. This is a unique herbal, fruit, and lightly earthy blend evocative of autumn air.

Please note that this fragrance is retiring and will only be available while the remaining master batch lasts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Complex and wonderful

There have been very few scents that I haven’t been able to smell all the components noted in their description, and this is the exception. When I put it on you immediately smell the tea and apples and it slowly sweetens with your body heat into that spicy root beer and caramel smell without loosing the freshness of the tea and apples!!! And then there is that lingering mint note right at the top. And this perfume does all that without being cloying or overly sweet, it has an overall freshness to it. Which I am utterly amazed by. It’s light and playful while also being gently spicy. A beautiful scent. Excellent job!

The wistfulness of Autumn

A fresh, breezy scent that captures the wistfulness of Autumn. I adore this perfume at anytime of year.

Beautiful and Soothing

This is one of my favorite scents and one that I reach for often. It is delicate, soothing, balanced, and sweet without being cloying. I find it soothing to wear throughout the day as well as before bed.

Beautiful and accurate

I love this one. Its the perfect atmospheric scent. It really makes you think of a cool autumn evening with Halloween just around the corner. Its so beautiful. I need to get a bigger bottle of this one.

Autumn Air

Lovely, comforting scent that I find delicately sweet but not cloying as it is balanced by an earthy quality. Autumnal and outdoorsy.