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Bernadette Perfume Oil

Bernadette Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is herbal, earthy, and woodsy. Highlights include freshly tilled churchyard soil, antique cedar rosaries, orange and fig compote, and the scent of geraniums wafting through a churchyard garden.

This complex and haunting blend is inspired by Bernadette Soubirous, a saint best known for the Marian apparition known as Our Lady Of Lourdes. Since her death, her body has remained internally incorrupt, but her face and hands are covered in light wax masks as she lays in a crystal reliquary.

Frankincense, palmarosa, and ambrox are the foundation of this darkly beautiful blend. Geranium petals, freshly tilled churchyard soil, antique rosaries, cedar wood, and church incense swirl like phantoms on the dry down revealing elusive wisps of sweet orange and fig which add a strangely beautiful and uplifting fruit element.


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Customer Reviews

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Anessa Hedger
Signature scent

You have to smell this. I bought in a sample set and it is now a signature. You will become Bernadette and all your friends will wonder how you smell so good. There is a longing and nostalgia that I cannot put a finger on. It’s a moody smell that still brightens the room. I want to be possessed by smells, and this will possess you and all those close to you too. But, in a good way, you know?

beautiful dark floral

This scent is a beautifully unique floral. It reminds me of waking up early on a spring day, and walking a farmer's market. it definitely gives me the vibe of a girl living in a small town in New England. I love it.

Love it

This smells exactly like described. This perfumer is amazing at every one she makes. This smells like walking by a church during a service but it also smells like an old fashioned garden.

Carolyn Maas
Snuck Up On Me

I put this on some time in the morning. Later in the day I was out in the car and the windows were down and it was a cool breezy day and all of a sudden I smelled the most delicious scent. I looked around to see where it could be coming from and then I remembered I had put Bernadette on my wrist earlier. I lifted my wrist to confirm that that was the delicious scent that wafted on by. It was! This is a very unique blend and I find it difficult to describe. "Delicious" I think tells you all you need to know.


This is not a scent I would normally choose. It's quite herbal, almost unisex. The cedar and oranges stand out the most, but on me there's an additional hint of pine needles. It smells so clean, certainly sacred, and very uplifting. Unique and wonderful experience to wear this perfume!