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Black Baccara

Berry Violet Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Berry Violet Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is a fruity, floral with hints of musk. Highlights include violet petals, violet leaf, strawberry rose jam, and white musk. 

This ethereal fragrance is a gorgeously soft and sensual aromatic take on candied violets. It's a beautiful blend of violets dancing with jammy rose infused with hints of strawberry. Set against a backdrop of white musk, this  blend conjures visions of dancing in a mystical field of violets at the height of spring. 

Available in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle or a 10ml rollerball bottle.

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Customer Reviews

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Fruited, tangy, lightly sweet and a touch earthy. A perfect balance of soft florals and spring fruits after a heavy rainy season. It feels abundant and expansive, I am so grateful to wear this in the way I am grateful to find the best baskets of strawberries I’ve ever seen on a routine grocery trip.

Kristin Kim
I’m in love with this scent~

As soon as it arrived, I couldn’t wait to put it on. It smells wonderfully sweet~ I had to buy another one! I wish they had it in a bigger bottle. The smell of strawberries and violets with rose and hints of white musk. I’m in love~

Alyssa Bailey-Broom
Sweet and Delicious

When I first applied the fragrance I got a very Strawberry and Rose Jam scent that was mixed quite beautifully with a Violet note. It is deliciously sweet with only the tiniest hint of powderiness. As the fragrance dries down, a Candied Violet emerges but with the sweet fruitiness of the Strawberry and a hint of Rose still showing through. The jammyness flows through almost to the end. At the end, it is mostly Candied Violet (without any real powderiness) with a little Strawberry Rose Jam peaking through. I absolutely loved this fragrance. Sometimes people are put off by Violet notes because they tend to be powdery but there is no problem with that here. The sweetness of the fruit and Rose mixed with the Violet is just simply beautiful. I don't really smell the Musk on my skin but I am sure it added some kind of effect to the overall scent that only made it all the more perfect. I highly recommend this fragrance to people who like sweet fruity (but not overpowering) and floral scents.

Jenna Miller
Delicately sweet

Absolutely LOVE this oil! The dry down is gorgeous and lingers well on the skin.

Smells amazing!

I've never been a fan of floral scents but this one is wonderful! Still smells sweet with a non overwhelming smell of violets which is what usually drives me away from floral scents.