Black Baccara Master Perfume Sampler (61 samples)

  • $228.00

Dive in and experience every one of our perfume oils with our Master Sampler set. This decadent set features a 1ml glass vial of every perfume oil in our permanent collection (61 perfumes) beautifully presented in a black gift box. 

The master sample set includes:

1933, 1983, Absinthe, Alice's Tea Party, Autumn Air, Autumn In Salem, Baron Samedi, Bernadette, Bewitched, Black Baccara, Black Cat, Boneyard, Cabaret, Carnival Of Ghosts, Cemetery Moss, Corvid, December's Ghost, Ebenezer, Erzulie Dantor, Eternal Winter, Fairy Forest, Falloween, Ghost Horse, Ghost Violet, Goddess Of Light, Hekate, Hummingbirds, Joan Of Arc, Lavender Pastille, Lilith's Parlour, Magdalene, Maman Brigitte, Marie Laveau, Mermaid Potion, Midnight Mass, Moth, Mummy, New Doll, Nosferatu, Papa Legba, Poisoned Pudding, Poison Apples, Prunus Avium, Resurrecting Ophelia, Rumseller, Sacred Heart, Saint Therese, Salome, Seahorses, Shadows And Sugar, Snow Angel, Sorceress, Temple Doves, Unicorn Grove, Vampire Romance, Vena Cava, White Spider, Wilde, Winter Witch and Witches Veil

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