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Black Baccara Oils

Black Baccara Perfume Oil (Retired)

Black Baccara Perfume Oil (Retired)

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Please note that the 2010 version of this fragrance will be retiring on September 1. 

Aroma palette is dark, brooding, and floral. Highlights include the darkest of moonlit roses, ylang ylang, black pepper, scorched vanilla, ancient tree bark, burning embers, and earth.

A single rose dies and resurrects herself from the soil. Blooming back to life like the floral version of a Phoenix, she grows stronger and darker, tinged with embers and earth. She retains the sweet depth of her nature, yet she is unlike other roses. She has darkened, she is stronger, and she flourishes best in moonlight.

This is a deep, dark, brooding rose blend. It has a depth and darkness that is unique, while at the same remaining clearly rose. It is a very powerful, heady rose without the lighter sweetness that is often found in rose blends. Black Baccara is built on Oud and darkened by ghostings of ylang ylang, black pepper, and earth lifted ever so slightly on the drydown by a hint of vanilla.

This blend is a reformulation of our “Black Rose” blend originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for greater depth and longevity. 


Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.

*We use skin-healthy fractionated coconut oil as a diluent for our oil-based fragrances due to it's non-greasy texture, odorlessness, stability, resistance to oxidation, and unparalleled shelf life.

*Our fragrances are composed of the highest quality essential oils, plant extracts, phthalate free synthetics, house-made accords, absolutes, resins, c02s, isolates, aroma chemicals, professional perfumery bases, and unique compositions crafted by the artist.

What Are Perfume Oils?

Please note that these are not fragrance oils; they are perfume oils (artisan perfumes presented in oil format). They are meant to be worn on the skin and are not suitable for wax warmers, oil burners, or aroma diffusers. The only difference between our perfume oils and Eau de Parfums is the oil format. Many people prefer perfume oils because they wear close to the skin and unfold a bit more non-linearly than Eau de Parfums. For a more in-depth look at perfume oils, please peruse our knowledge base articles.

About Perfume Oils

Perfume oils do not unfold their complexity when experienced directly from the bottle. If you attempt to gauge the aroma of a perfume oil by smelling it from the bottle, your experience will not be accurate whatsoever. Always test perfumes on your body for the full experience.

Apply first to your pulse points (the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, and the inner elbows) where it will warm with your body heat to unfold the fragrance.

Perfume oil, unlike alcohol-based perfumes, wears close to the skin. It warms on your body, adapts to your body chemistry, and creates a halo of scent on the body. As it fades, perfume oil can be applied throughout the day as a personal aromatic ritual.

Not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing, children, or pets. Always patch test for potential allergies before applying liberally.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rose Scent of the 90s All Grown Up

As always, I did not know what to expect, and maybe that's just a good thing at this point because I am always left surprised and excited about B.B.'s scents and I have a lot to go through!

Black Bacarra. Where do I even start with this one? Such familiar scents from when I was a child! But the difference that stands between the rose scent from the 90s and the rose from this bottle is maturity and youthfulness at the same time. From the bottle at first sniff, I get this awkward scent that I know to be ylang-ylang. I have only worked with this scent once trying to make solid perfumes for my mom for mothers day years ago. I never picked up on the notes that others have described this scent to be, the only thing I picked up was that it was just a strange scent and I was not persuaded by it either. But here is the thing about the house of Black Baccara, she will ALWAYS persuade you. At this point, I think I just do not know where to get grade essential oils that smell amazing honestly.
At First application, the scent bloomed on my skin, opening up with geranium and ylang-ylang but not in an overpowering way. There is no powdery note in this scent which I was elated to find out. Nothing against powdery notes but they just remind me heavily of older perfumes and it seemed like every rose scent I smelled in the 90s had that. As the scent drys down, you get a bit of smoke, more incense, and less of a burning smell which beautifully rounds it out. I can also smell a bit of woodsy and earth in it in the background. As the hours' pass, I can smell the spice a touch more and a tiny bit of vanilla on my skin. The scent in its entirety is very well balanced, no one scent is trying to take over the others and because there is no powdery note, it gives off a more mature youthfulness allure. It's a beautifully darkened rose perfume unlike others that just scream "HI I'M A ROSE SMELL ALL THE ROSES". It is kind and playfully seductive. It is extremely romantic for sure. A soft blanket of feminity but also a touch of masculinity with the woody earth and spice in the background. It is extremely beautiful and does not lean heavily on rose or dessert sweetness...but also, she's got a little dark side to her that can have others questioning how far that kindness goes.
If you like rose perfumes but don't want anything leaning too dessert or powdery, this is one to try out.


Airy, but grounded. Like the way incense clings to the books on a witch's shelves. Dried flowers. The spicy notes makes it warm and cuts the sweetness of the Ylang ylang and rose. Beautiful. Balanced. Floral but in a gender neutral way.

Also, got to Los Angeles in 2 weeks, that's amazing process time!

Diann Daniel
Pleasantly Surprised!

I love Roses but the fragrances I've tried previously were either cloying or soapy. This is beyond beautiful! A wonderful rose wrapped in a sexy, dark cloak with just a touch of sweetness! I purchased a dram but will definitely be purchasing a larger bottle in the near future! Love this!!

Martha S.
Dark Rose Scent

I love that this is a rose scent without the cloying sweetness of the usual rose products like soap. it‘s a dark and elegant fragrance and perfect for every day!

Mary Stephens Mitchell
Rosa Esoterica

Black Baccara is indeed a dark perfume, with a silky rose as soft and clear as a starless night. The supporting notes of ylang, pepper, vanilla, smoke, and woods stand out clearly on their own, and then morph seamlessly into the blend, creating a dusky and mysterious aura on the skin. This fragrance has beautiful lasting power without fading! "He who dares not grasp the thorn / should never crave the rose." Anne Bronte