Black Crow Statement Necklace. Smoky Quartz, Black Kyanite, And Black Spinel

  • $108.00

This darkly beautiful handmade statement necklace features a large smoky quartz point with a large piece of black kyanite embedded in the center. This majestic piece, reminiscent of a black crow, is suspended on jet black spinel beads.

Crafted with intention for evoking and harnessing protective and grounding energies, this necklace features a trio of powerful stones chosen for this intention and for their unique beauty.

Both smoky quartz and black spinel are earthy, grounding, and protective stones said to help in dispelling negative energies and enhancing inspiration and communication. These two stones dance together in harmony to create a strong protective and grounding energy. Black kyanite legend says that the blade of Archangel Michael's sword was made of Kyanite. It is said to be a very protective stone and is associated with the clearing of negative energy as well as workings pertaining to justice.This dramatic statement piece hangs at 15 inches long and is lanyard style (goes over the head instead of clasped).

All of my pendants ship beautifully presented in jewelry boxes, making them perfect for gifting as well. This is a handmade art jewelry piece and is not suited for showering or submerging in water.



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