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Victorian Inspired Perfume Bottle Pendant Or Cremation Necklace

  • $40.00

Inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry, this perfume bottle necklace is an elegant and timeless way to carry an application of your favorite perfume or ritual oil with you. It also may be used as a wearable cremation urn. Simply add a few drops of your favorite blend to the bottle to carry your personal aromatic ritual with you throughout the day. This pendant can also securely hold powder or ash.

Each necklace is handmade and features a jet black stainless steel pendant adorned with a beautiful Victorian style blackened brass flower. The pendant is strung on jet black pressed glass rosary chain. This lanyard style necklace hangs on a 26 inch chain and sits at just over 15 inches long closed. If you prefer an extremely long necklace, please click here to purchase an add on for a longer length chain.

A drop of oil rubbed into the lower half of the bottle will also act as a diffuser as it warms with your body heat. The bottle holds approximately seven drops of oil and is leakproof.

If you would like your pendant to arrive with a complimentary pre-fill of perfume oil, please state your preferred blend in the selection box. If you will be using your pendant for ashes, please make a note at checkout and we will include a complimentary filling kit with instructions.

Each pendant will arrive with a mini pipette so that you can easily transfer oil into the pendant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sara. H..
So beautiful for keeping my beloved close.

I am growing quite a collection of Kalliope's beautifully made jewelry. This piece is so beautiful and I love how it allows me to carry the memory of my beloved close to my heart.

Deana M.
Amazing products

I love everything I've ever purchased from this shop the dog inspired cremation necklaces are perfect exactly what I was looking for to honor my beloved, very much missed, fur baby.

Jennifer St John
Absolutely beautiful

Received my necklace today and it’s so beautiful!! Pictures do not do it justice.
Thank you so much for the extra gifts!

Marsha L
Another Great One

Im pretty much a collector of everything you make at this point. I'm using this to hold ashes and it's a stunning piece but I also like how securely the top of the bottle screws in. Keep making such unique lovelies!


This is so lovely for carrying a few drops of my favorite perfume oil (your Absinthe blend!) with me during the day. I get so many compliments on this. The weight is also perfect for using this as a pendulum!