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Black Baccara Oils

Boneyard Perfume Oil

Boneyard Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is dark and earthy. Highlights include rain misted freshly tilled soil, cedar trees, cemetery moss, dark patchouli, extinguished candle wick, bouquets of clove and cardamom.

Step into a 19th century cemetery overgrown with moss, tousled soil, and flanked by cedar trees casting their breath on the wind. Each step unleashes the aroma of damp earth and crisp autumn leaves. Melancholy yet comforting, the air seems to smell like time itself.

This is a dark and intensely earthy blend with its roots in agarwood, cedar, oakmoss, and a ghosting of patchouli. As this fragrance unfolds, it reveals cloves, cardamom, and a hint of an extinguished candle flame carried on the wind.

This blend is a reformulation of our Boneyard originally released in 2010. It retains much of the same inspiration and aroma of the original blend, with several new notes added for depth and longevity.


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    Customer Reviews

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    I don't know if I have the words to describe this scent. It is earthy and spicy. The patchouli is prevalent and so is the cedar. It doesn't last a long time on me but I have no issue with reapplying as I get that new wave of intense deliciousness. I love it and will be buying more when I run out.

    Gender Neutral

    I strongly pick up the notes of patchouli and cedar when I first apply this to my forearms. For me, it lasts an exceptionally long time, anywhere between 9 - 10 AM until late at night, 11 PM - midnight. Despite how I've described it, it's not an overpowering scent. Instead, it's a calm and stable scent that holds its composition all day long. My friends have told me that they don't necessarily pick it up as I walk past; instead, they acknowledge subconsciously that I smell good. It's a scent you'd more acutely pick up from your hot math teacher when they crouch beside you to help you with your math problem, rather than a scent you pick up from the eddies of a CEO strutting past you. I find that the "dark" descriptor is remarkably accurate due to the clove and cardamom notes. Personally, I don't pick up on the fresh soil or extinguished candle wick, but it is still a multifaceted, gender-neutral, and overall good scent. When I wear it, I feel a sense of whimsy and dark academia from the musk and spice present that just lends to a perfect autumn fantasy. Also, as a sufferer of chronic migraines, I like that I can wear this regularly without reacting to the intensity.

    Gothic Poetry in a bottle

    When the description describes the notes of cedar, moss, and tilled soil, it's exceptionally accurate. This oil smells just like my healthy fern and moss terrarium. It smells like a damp dark forest, with wet moss covered earth beneath your bare feet, but in a way that is so comforting that you would melt into moss and let the forest devour you like a thick down blanket does when you slither into bed after a long day.
    I think I'd have preferred more of the blown out candle scent and a little less cardamom, but this is still amazing as is.

    Elaine P.
    Beloved favorite

    I have loved this fragrance since it was first introduced. My *go to* whenever I want the earthy smell of magic. People tell me it smells so good.

    Clint H.
    Simply wonderful

    This shop is amazing. The scents are incredible and the turn around is super fast. Realllllly appreciate the art you’re doing!