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Black Baccara

Bygone Perfume Oil (Retiring)

Bygone Perfume Oil (Retiring)

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Please note that this fragrance will be retiring at the beginning of December.

Aroma palette is vintage inspired amber, soft woods, and fruit. Highlights include amber, juniper, white grapefruit, aged vetiver, cedar trees, jasmine flower, and green apple.

Our aromatic ode to the perfumes of yesteryear and the golden age of Hollywood, Bygone is a beautiful throwback to the perfumes of the mid 20th century.

Conjuring visions of old Hollywood, a warm amber, cedar, and gorgeously aged vetiver base sets the stage for heady jasmine dancing with bright top notes of effervescent grapefruit, cool green apple, and aldehydes. This fragrance has a classic vintage feel, like opening a precious vial from days gone by.

Presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle.


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Customer Reviews

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Bliss and sophistication

This is absolutely your scent in my opinion. I've purchased a couple of the oils and I love them but this is by far my absolute favorite. I'm not a big fan of amber but it is so subtle and blends perfectly with the other elements. I put it on right after it came in the mail today and I have received confidence from every place I have gone. I will be ordering a big bottle very soon and I just placed an order for two more of the oils! Stunning as always!

Michelle Morningstar
You knocked it out of the park with this one.

I own a few of your oils, and this one is THE BEST (even better than Witch House). I love this scent, and I plan to get a bigger bottle and drown myself in it. This is my new scent!