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Cabaret Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a spicy, floral, smoky musk. Highlights include aged merlot, floral musk, soft tendrils of pipe tobacco, honeyed sandalwood, peony flower, antique piano wood, and vintage pomanders.

Inspired by the romance and decadence of the cabaret, this is a sexy, feminine blend inspired by vintage perfumes. This perfume encapsulates the essence of an old time piano bar or cabaret theatre, wisps of smoke and libations, and hints of romance.

Deep merlot and the faintest hint of tobacco smoke merge with sandalwood, cloves, honey, and a soft floral musk creating an atmosphere of mystery, romance, and timelessness. 

This blend is a reformulation of our Cabaret originally released in 2010 and is true to the original.

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