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Carved Angelite Pocket Angel

  • $9.00

These tiny carved angelite angels are the perfect size for carrying with you or adorning a tiny altar space. They measure just over one inch tall. Angelite is a wonderfully tranquil stone said to connect us to the spiritual realms and the realms of the angels. It is a wonderful choice for intuitives and those work with divination.

A stone will be intuitively selected for you. A decorative card containing the properties of angelite is also included.

All of my crystals and stones are meticulously hand-picked for their physical beauty and vibrational energy. They are then cleansed in Dead Sea salt and selenite, set out under the moon, smoke cleansed, anointed with oils, and lovingly packaged in a velvet pouch.  Each stone is similar, yet holds it's own one of a kind patterns and unique flash. 

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